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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Show and tail Tuesday

Today I am joining Tuesday Show and Tail over at West Virgina Treasures, be sure and click on the link and check out all the other great pictures.
My show and tell is about my little Granddaughter MooMoo, when she was 3 yrs old they lost their beloved German Shepard..she just disappeared from their home..all the neighbors tried to help find it but to no avail....MooMoo was heart broken she had never know the place with out their precious Hilda, so one of the neighbors decided to give her a special gift, a 6 week old baby goat. I don't have pictures of Molly Goat when she was first given to them, but these pictures were made about 6 mos later, needless to say she thought she was a dog, she was raised with dogs. They had her for 5 yrs, when they finally gave her to a couple who raised pet goats, last year, because it became necessary for her to be with other goats and because their New Black Lab didn't take to her and kept trying to attack her. She would not stay with the goats, she would tear through the fence to get to where the dogs where...silly goat. So the lady that got her took her as her personal pet and keeps her in her backyard with her Beagles. She is totally one happy Dog/Goat now. MooMoo goes to visit her quite often.

Even Hank was jealous of Molly

Thanks for sharing my memories with me...


  1. Well I'm glad she gets to visit her. That's one thing we've never had is a goat.

    I wanted a pig, but after hubby said "bacon, bacon, bacon", I changed my mind.

  2. Beagles have got to be the dumbest dogs on the face of the planet -- and boy do I love ' sweet to see Molly Goat thinking she's one of the pack...

  3. How awesome to have a goat! I am so jealous! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is so funny! My dad (who lives next door) raised goats for awhile and we sure did have fun with them and have lots of funny memories. I have pictures of Colt riding one in particular.

    Your little MooMoo is darling!

    Happy New Year, Ms. Molly!


  5. Hey Molly!

    Thanks for joining in this week! Your goat story is precious! I've heard of goats thinking they were dogs but that one sure does win the prize! Wonder what people think when they see that goat with those Beagle dogs? That is a really nice pen that they are living in.

    If you have any more great stories like that one please do join in next week!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  6. Love your story today - thanks for joining in with us for Show and Tail! Hope to see you next week!

  7. Such a cute tale...and what a dandy pen for all the critters...mixed up as they be...still dang cute!

  8. You've GOT to be kidding me!!!! That's one of those awesome stories you read that goes around the internet a million times - I can't believe that hasn't started circulating yet. That is just beyond precious. I'm so happy I visited you ~ I love that story!

  9. OK... let's try this again. Maybe the 4th time will be a charm!

    I loved the pics of your cute grand-daughter from back then, and that was a nice little goat she had. I love goats, and we've owned several over the years. One of my Show & Tails was about my Dad's favorite goat (we found pics in his wallet along with our family pics)

    I love stories about the ways that animals interact with different species, and have seen several in my life. Another S & T story was about my dog that raised a duck. They loved each other for the rest of their lives.

    It is so neat to have a place where we can share the memories or interesting animal stories we come on. Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a cute story. The goat thinks it's a dog. I'm glad she does get to visit him - it is the best of both worlds. sandie


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