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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Blue Monday

Good morning Ladies, or should I say Good Evening? I know I'm running last, but had to have my puter worked on, hopefully we have it under control right now. I won't say fixed, don't want to jinks
It is time for Blue Monday over at Sally's house. Please visit Smiling Sally by clicking here...... And since I had something special to show you, I decided to post today even if it was a little late.

 There was no label on this jar, the white tag you see is the vendors tag..

 My new jar is the little one on the end on the left side, I think it goes good with my other pieces.
I also found a nice little dark blue teapot, it looks like a Hall's but is cost $4.00 and I have a project planned for it..stay tuned for that down the road.

Well that's just some of my treasures found Friday when my Sis and I traveled back in time to our youth and kept one of our promises to travel when we grew up.....hey don't knock it, we got in the car and drove 45 miles from home that's traveling when you reach our were both so hoarse when we got back, neither one of us could talk the next DHs loved it.
Thanks Sally for giving us this meme to show our beloved blues.
I will try to get around to all my friends blogs this evening, got to run right sure is aggrivating to have Computer problems.


  1. Colbalt Blue is lovely on bottles. Love your collection.

  2. I'm glad you and your Sis had such a good time. Love the blue bottles.

  3. Cool! I love your collection of blue bottles.

    My Blue Monday.

  4. Colbalt blue is my favorite blue, Molly. Happy Blue Monday! Could that be an old Vicks jar?

  5. Oops! cobalt blue, I meant to say!

  6. Well being I just got back from visitine my new niece and nephew - pink and blue - I can tell you life is in colors! sandie


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