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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Art work Friday

It's time to Visit D Dzines....where DeeDee is hosting Art work Friday. She has some very nice art work to show, stop by and say hi....
Today I want to show some note cards that I did last Christmas and I am considering doing some more this year to add to my Etsy Store...what do you think?, Do you think they would sell?.....
I used watered down Acrylics to paint these and also made envelopes to match...


  1. Molly, Molly , Molly!
    I just love these cards! These are nicer than most you buy at the store! You are so creative. Love the cowboy snowman... so cute. Your colors just make these cards shine! Go for it! Better yet get a job with Hallmark, they could use your talent!
    Dee Dee

  2. Molly, these cards are gorgeous! You could get a job for Hallmark. I love them. I definitely think they'd sell in a heartbeat!

  3. Molly,

    These are just charming!! Sweet expressions and cute poses, and I can't imagine how you do such beautiful, neat work in so small a space. I'd certainly buy some, and be proud to send them.


  4. Those are fantastic! Speaking as a greeting card merchandiser who sees thousands! You really have a talent m'dear.

  5. The cards are fantastic. I love all of the cards and think they would be wonderful sellers in your etsy shop. Great job!

  6. I love them they are so cute. Of course, the cowboy snowman is my favorite.

  7. I think these are adorable and would sell easily, especially with the matching envelopes. You should also consider scanning the cards in and adding them to a card on Zazzle. You won't make as much money, but each sale would be an additional income for something you've already done. AND they are there for as long as you'd like, year after year. Opening a store on Zazzle is free and there are no fees to display your art. Just a thought.

  8. Molly,

    Thank you for posting here. I love seeing your work. Wow! What happy little scenes you have created on these precious cards. You do need to have them out there for people to enjoy and purchase.


  9. Love the cards, If I got one like this I would frame it, so pretty.

    Don't forget the big giveaway starting today.
    Thanks Jeanette Starting Over


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