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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Will and Dirt Cheap what a combo...

Hello, hello, hello, I got my little sweet thing out of the Computer Hospital...oh, it is so good to have her back seems I had contracted a sneaky little virus that disables you anti virus program and then just runs wild. Thank goodness it wasn't a really bad one, The Doc was able to clean her wounds and patch her up as good as new. Didn't lose anything, but I have backed up all my files so if it happens again, I'm covered.
Being that today is Thurs I am entering 2 memes in this one post, hope you don't mind but I think they fit for one,

It's Vintage Thingie Thursday over at Colorado Lady's place...don't forget to go by and tell Suzanne how much you appreciate her sponsoring it for us...
Thrifty Thursday takes place each Thursday and is hosted by Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville,
Last week I took a load of stuff that I'd cleaned out of my kitchen and junk room to the Good Will Store and you know I couldn't just drop the stuff off and had to see what I could find to take back home...I was looking around and started out the door cause I just didn't see anything and stopped to talk to a friend that came in, she made the remark that she had cleaned her Aunt's, who pasted away a couple of months earlier, house and had brought some of it to the GW, so I decided to look at what she had brought...there was several nice items, but I just didn't need them and decided not to get them, then she opened another box and this little jewel was just laying there, not wrapped or anything, I'm like, girl aren't you afraid it will break like that, she said pick it up that baby ain't breaking..boy was it heavy, it was made out of a heavy crock like material and on the bottom was stamped U.S.Q.M.C. SHENANGO CHINA mfg. Castle, Pa.

notice the sword on the side of it.

Very heavy and very old...and I only paid $ well spend....and not only is a Thrifty Thursday item it is also a Vintage item....I love gravy boats, I have quite the collection, you can check out some of them here and now I got one more.
All so, while there I found this picture in the box under the bowl..and only paid .25 cents for it...isn't it sweet and the name is just perfect for me...The Artist's Marie Sophie Goerlich

Don't you just love her assistant...

When I left the Good Will I headed to the Dirt Cheap, one of my favorite stores to ramble through, it is kinda like Hutson's but Hutson's send stuff they can't sell to Dirt Cheap and I usually find some good bargins here...I'd say I can be pretty thrifty there..., only thing is you have to dig to find a good item sometimes, other times it's nothing wrong with the item, just to many on hand and they didn't sale.

This 3 piece set of flower pots was marked $9.99 and was 80% off making them only $2.00 for the set, very nice size and very heavy..they are a pretty tan color, but it didn't show too good...

This nice size round tray is made out of very heavy metal and it was marked $9.99 and also marked 80% off, making it $2.00
I found 4 purses marked from $40.00 to &75.00 for $7.00 each...

This purse is a soft leather and had a price tag from Penny's saying $65.00..very nice

This soft leather green one was also from Penny's with a $75.00 tag on it.

I bought 2 of these for the Granddaughters, they were marked $40.00 and they too where $7.00 each...both girls loved them..these were made out of a soft suede and had Spoiled embroidered on them both just perfect.

All for a grand total of $34.50...the purses alone would have cost $220.00 if bought at Penny's, plus 20.00 for the flower pots and the tray. Heaven only knows what the other 2 items would have cost new. So I believe my trip to Dirt Cheap and the Good Will was well worth the time.
Hope you come back next week to see what Sis and I find Friday when we have a Girls Day out.. I am so excited, it's been so cold and bad that we haven't been able to go or do anything in awhile.


  1. Oh,wow...I love that green bag...I have never heard of that store, so I guess we don't have one around here...what a great deal you found that day!! I love your gravy boat....I would have wanted that too! I love the color especially. Have fun on your outing...I can not wait to see what you find!! Have a great VTT!

  2. Welcome back!
    I got that same lovely little bug on my computer last month but luckily my husband fixed it. Annoying.
    Love the gravy boat!
    Looks like you picked up alot of good deals!

  3. Molly.. looks like you had a wonderful thrift day and got some great bargains... I especially love the gravy boat.. just the perfect creamy white color!

    I'm off to thrift/junk shopping with Candy tomorrow... hope we find some great bargains!

  4. Looks like you got some pretty good bargains.

    I know they call them gravy boats, but I always imagine them filled with hot caramel syrup, all ready to pour over ice cream.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  5. I swear Molly...nobody, and I mean nobody...finds the finds that you do when you get it in your head to go do a little shopping!
    What cool stuff!
    Glad your 'puter is healthy again.
    Live long, live strong!

  6. I'd say this was YOUR week for thrifting! What great finds, and deals! I have always loved gravy boats and I don't know why...I'm not even a good gravy maker!

    Love the purses too, especially the "spoiled" ones.

    By the way, I boxed up some lemons today and will get them in the mail tomorrow.

  7. what a sweet little gravy boat & that print is adorable

  8. I love the gravy boat and I'm so jealous of the green bag. Good thriftin'!

  9. OMG! So many great things, I don't know where to start! Definitely love the gravy boat and the little floral tray. I'd grab those up myself.

  10. Wow what great finds! Love the gravy boat, but the sweet print is just precious. Great thrifting.


  11. First of all, I LOVE your new header photo. It could also be in the hills of south western Wisconsin. Lovely.

    I am very partial to your gravy boat. Just lovely.

  12. You and sister had a field day. Never saw so many great buys. You had a perfect VTT show for us today. I really like the gravy bowl.

  13. They sure don't make things like they used to, do they? That gravy boat is fantastic! Love all of your other finds too, especially that big green bag. At the thrift stores, it's usually feast or famine, isn't it? It was definitely a feast for you! GREAT finds!
    Happy VTT!

  14. Wow! You really got some great deals - especially on the purses. Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. Molly,
    thanks for sharing your wonderful bargains with us today! Great buy on the purses... love the brown one! I would so enjoy thrifting with you!... Dee Dee

  16. Love the gravy fabulous!

  17. Goodness, but you hit 'PayDirtCheap'!!! Never heard of that store...guess we don't have them in Texas! Goodwill...yes, we have those, and I'm a Frequent Shopper there. Wonderful find of the Gravy Boat. Thanks for sharing and happy VTT....Sue

  18. You hit the jackpot! You got some great buys.

  19. Great the gravy boat- the color is wonderful!

  20. very nice trip out. G'daughters will be rockin' those purses. lol

  21. I really like the gravy boat! I think Shenyango (did I spell that right?) was one of the companies that manufactured all the restaurant ware...
    somebody who knows about this stuff help me out here.

  22. Wow, what a sweet deal on the purses...they are my downfall!
    Have a great weekend.

  23. I call that a good day! Love the gravy boat. and the picture is so sweet. Thanks for sharing. Kk

  24. You really found some awesome items! I LOVE the gravy boat. What a fabulous price!

    Have a great weekend.


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