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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thrifty Thursday...more snow and such

 Thrifty Thursday takes place each Thursday and is hosted by Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville,
I am finally feeling better even though I still have a runny nose and a little sore throat, but not anything to keep me down. I have been in the house since last Tues and  just had to break course when I break out, my favorite place to go is the Thrift store..ok, ok, so I went and got my hair done first, but that was a nearly scared myself to death when I looked in the mirror, can you imagine how it scared everyone else.
I just love going to the Thrift Store on Weds cause it's 1/2 off day.
I found several items that I really liked, I have started collecting Snow Globes, actually I didn't consciously decide to collect Snow globes, I just seemed to gravitate to these 2 and since I already had 1 at home and anything over 2 is considered a collection, I've started collecting them. Aren't they lovely...The pictures don't do the 1st one justice at all.
The first one with the beautiful Angel in Red plays Beautiful Dreamer, the last known song written by Stephen Foster. It was published posthumously in 1864, the year Foster died..and it has always been one of my favorite songs, this one was brand new, it still had the price tag of $12.98 on the bottom, I got it for $2.00...go me...

  This next one is also a favorite subject of mine, the Nativity scene, plus it's also a Precious Moments piece. It plays Oh Little Town of Bethlehem and it was still priced $14.99 can you imagine someone giving away brand new Snow globes. The turn key was missing off this one, but I had several music boxes at home that used the same type key so for $3.00 I felt like I got a bargain for sure.


 After finding these I looked around a little more and found a couple of items I'll show at a later date, I started to pay for my 4 items, when the lady asked if I'd seen the items in the new room they had added on, well now...a new room says I, yes.says she, right back off we go to explore a new heaven, more good junk to check out, I love that and am I ever so glad I did, the minute we walked into the room a picture on the wall caught my eye and I just fell in love..."(have you noticed I fall in love a lot when I'm in a junk store or Thrift store?)..humm could it be I'm a junkaholic...who me? did you ask? What did I fall in love with...why this little beauty and remember everything was 1/2 price today, so I wonder did I fall in love with the item or them price????? This is a 16" x 20" and will go perfect with several other pictures in my guest bedroom.

you notice the sticker price of $3.00, well I got it for $1.50...not bad I just love the peaceful scene of the little farm girl tending her sheep. The detail is just so lovely and with the glass on it I wasn't able to get a good shot with out a large white ball in the center of it.
That's some of my Thrifty finds for today...more to come later..
I am thankful for the grace that God shows me everyday, even though I am unworthy of his love.


  1. Great finds. I love to go thrifting too!

  2. If there is a bargain to be found, find it! Lordy, I'd love to make the rounds with you, but then we'd probably make a scene due to our wrestling matches in each and every shop! Tee hee!
    Hope your cold disappears asap!
    Hang in there, where's the kleenex?
    Oh...are you on NS or JC?
    You're positively skinny!

  3. Fabulous finds. I love the pictures as well as the frames. Even if you don't like the prints the frames are worth more than you paid.

  4. You did great sister! Don't ya just love a good thrifting day!

    "Anything over 2 is considered a collection" funny...and true!

    Keep collecting!

  5. You're in rare form today, Molly! Had me laughing like a fool -- "Did I fall in love with the item or the price?" lol lol lol

    It's so rare to see a shepherdess!!!! I love it!

  6. Hi Marjorie!
    Hope you are feeling better! You have some wonderful thrifty treasures! Sorry I am so late. As it ended up, we did have a (6 hour) 2AM-8Am stint in the ER with my son. Praise God, all is ok. But,it's taken me some time to recover from being up all night. Alas, I am late in getting around to everyone this week. My apologies.
    Sincere thanks for linking up to Tales from Bloggeritville Thrifty Thursday!

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