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Molly's Country Memories

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

laying up stores for the Winter...another sign of a bad winter

Sat morning while setting at the window drinking coffee and watching the sun rise, this is a little of what I saw, I have a 1 acre front yard and I counted 10 squirrels running around the front at a break neck pace. I have never seen them scurry like this before, it was hard to get pictures....

This little one has an acron in his mouth...

Checking to see if anyone was watching...

Then he buries it...

tried to get more in picture but they kept moving...

got to hide these...hummm, but where

scurrying around
What where they digging for.....

got to get them while they last, hurry, hurry, hurry

I got out after they went away and blow the leaves away and this is what I acorn carpet, always a sign of a bad Winter..

You can click on photo to enlarge them to see better...
Maybe we should copy the Animals and store up food for the winter.
It is cold and wet here this morning, stay warm y'all.


  1. Our squirrels have it a bit easier, although the weatherman says it's going into the 40s tonight! Brrr.

  2. That is kind of amazing! All those acorns.

    Animals are so smart and really know about the weather and predators, etc...

    I think it is neat that we can take ques from their behavior!

    Love the pictures - they are so cute :D

  3. Molly, what a nice way to start your day. Those little guys probably think they are in Squirrel Heaven with all those acorns just for themselves.

    By the way, I love your header picture -- did you paint it?

  4. Oh my that is a lot of acorns Molly. You are so right about the weather. I have about froze the past three days at work. The wind has been really tough.

    I saw a squirrel this a.m. in my backyard. He was digging around a lot too. Probably hiding things as well.

  5. Squirrel, squirrel,
    In the park,
    Your tail is like
    A question mark.

    Yes, bad winter coming. First those egrets, now the acorns and the squirrels. The pines here are thick with cones, too...

  6. I hate cold weather. I'll have to see what my oaks look like around the house.

  7. Oh My Goodness!!! I was watching this process out my kitchen window just the other day and I thought, "I wish I could capture that in photos so I could blog about it."

    BUT - - - not having a camera "up to the job" I gave up the idea.

    Now look at you!!!! You Go - - - this is EXACTLY the type of post I had envisioned!!!!

    Love it.


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