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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

This is my favorite time of year....

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I love the bright greens, reds and whites...I am a traditional type of Christmas gal...Santas are my favorite...but I always have my Nativity scene to honor our real reason for Christmas...
I have started putting out my decorations this morning, I'd love to get my outside and tree decorated but with the rain here to stay for awhile, looks like those will have to wait. I decided this year to cut my decorations in 1/2, usually I put out so very much, and it seems over cluttered, but this year I decided to do the minimal thing....The first picture is how I display the glass ornaments I got from My Mom...

I placed them in a very large clear covered canister and put an 10" pine wreath around the bottom and then placed the whole thing on a sliver tray...I also added a few picks to give it a little color and put the arrangement on my coffee table...

on each end of the truck/coffee table I placed i Santa item on the left is a small punch bowl I did in ceramics about 14 yrs ago and filled it with candies for the Holidays..on the other side is a clear Santa jar filled with green and red gummy bears.

a view of the small living room from the den end of the room..still have a few little touches to add,

this is a very mini bear Nativity set my SIL got me in Gatlinburg 25 yrs ago..I put it under glass to make it stand out, still need to put bow on can click on pictures for a better look...
Will be showing more as I finish...


  1. I love your glass ornaments in the glass container you put them in. They look beautiful. You know glass ornaments are not around so much anymore. Alot of the ornaments now are plastic or some other durable material and there is just something special about those delicate glass ornaments.
    Decorating for Christmas is so fun - that is what I am doing today too!

  2. Isn't decorating for Christmas fun - now that I decided to do it (lol). You have so many idea for decorating I never even thought about - glass bulbs in a glass container - pretty.

  3. It IS the most fun time to decorate a home, isn't it Molly? I love how your place looks decked out for the holidays, and the unique way you have your items displayed. You're such a clever and creative gal!
    God bless ya. I'm still unpacking my of these days, I can stop and attend to our own house, and get crackin' making the joint look "almost" as good as yours!

  4. Hey Molly,

    I just put my nativity out tonight.

    Love all your decorations. Wish I was as creative!

  5. What an excellent way to display the ornaments from your mom and still keep them safe!!!

    Your house looks so trim and pretty, m'dear.

    Our weather is so unseasonably "cold" that I hung only 1 little string of outdoor lights -- INSIDE around the kitchen window -- that way I don't have to run outside to plug and unplug them and get myself

  6. I like to see decorations but hate to do them. With no kids or grandkids, I don't decorate anyway.

    But, your's are beautiful and I love how you have them displayed.


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