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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Several month's ago, I blogged about redoing alot of stuff in my house, new flooring, bath room make over, bedroom make over...and cleaning out my junk room. I was trying to make my little house more roomy and less cluttered...major I was succeeding, until I started cleaning my junk room, bad mistake...I found boxes of stuff I had stored away several years ago, cause even though I was decluttering at that time, I just couldn't threw any of it away. Can we say pack rat?...well to make a long story short, I've already showed my proclain dolls that I dragged out and added, click here to see them, yep added more stuff to my bedroom make over, instead of getting rid...
Well, while digging through boxes, I found a small plastic shoe box taped up with nothing written on it, ohhhh, that is so me, I never think to mark anything, always sure I'll remember what's in there...any-who..I opened it and was so surprised to find my small collection of Straw Dolls that I had looked everywhere for...I bought these little beauties in the Gatlinburg area on several different trips back in the 70's...

The first one I bought was the tall slender lady, I just thought she was so pretty and the workmanship was so good. It is 35 yrs old and the only wear to her is on her hat...

You can see the wear on the left side of her hat, but I still love her...

Next I found this little Angel in Peigon Forge a couple of years later...she is just perfect still

Look how tight her body was woven...and her wings are just perfect

 I don't remember where I got the little Lady Rabbit, but I'm sure it was in Piegon Forge, I bought it for my MIL, and retreived it after she pasted

 Chuck and Ronnie Bought the lady in Rose in Gatlinburg as a surprise for me, they liked the color of her ribbon. and flowers


 The last little lady in yellow was in a glass jar and I bought it for my MIL's Birthday while we where in Gatlinburg at the same time my boys bought me the lady in Rose. When everyone was at my MIL's packing her stuff, the jar got broke but I couldn't bring myself to threw the little lady away so here she sits on my chest of drewers with no jar, I think she looks just fine...



  1. Happy VTT! Those are just adorable! Really really sweet!

  2. I love the face on the pink hat lady.

  3. Such wonderful details...I think dolls made out of natural materials should be in every doll collection. Happy VTT.

  4. Oh Molly...
    How precious these are. I love it when we have these collections, but even more so when they have a history behind them. So precious. I love the little woman with the pink on her hat. She is just precious.

    Thanks for sharing. As always country hugs, Sherry

  5. What a sweet collection you have. I love the straw angel.

    Happy holidays,


  6. These little ladies are really cute Molly.

  7. Interesting collection.

    At first I thought they were corn husk dolls until I looked and READ more closely.

  8. These are so pretty and delicate!

  9. What a nice surprise while going through your boxes. Great collection!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  10. I love your doll collection. I started a folk art doll collection about 15-20 years ago, but I found it impractical to keep it up. Sometime I will get out the dolls for VTT, since most of them are vintage.

  11. Very cute and very detailed...I think they are sweet and a great collection to have. Happy VTT!.

  12. Now that you mention it I am wondering what happened to MY collection from my days in TX in 70's!

  13. Oh, what a sweet collection, Molly. My favorites are the tall lady with the flowers and the bunny, but they are all so pretty.

    Our son gave me an angel similar to yours when he was in college, and it is one of my treasured Christmas decorations.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful dolls with us.

  14. How fun to come across something that has been set aside :o) Like a surprise treasure! And the fun memories that go with them!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (...after being MIA with my blog reading...I'm afraid that no one will come back :o) So, dear friend, ...I really do appreciate when you have been able to pop in :o) Hope you can come back :o)

  15. What a very sweet collection. Thanks for sharing.



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