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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

First snow and Christmas card picture...

Good morning my friends, I have had several comments on my beautiful new header, I was so awe stricken Sat morning when I woke up and saw the beauty of my world in the first light of day. So I had to grab my camera and save the views if only in pictures.
Friday night it started snowing in South Mississippi, I snapped a few pictures because I figured it would be lite and would be gone by the next can check out those pictures here...I was so wrong...I am posting some of the beauty I saw Sat. morning...
As I think about the beauty of that morning, I realized, the first snow of the year is much like God's love for us, this beautiful scene was not so beautiful Friday before the snow, winter had started turning everything drab and the bushes and trees where loosing their leave, just like our hearts that are filled with sin has turned dark and cold, but his love is like the snow it takes and turns our ugly sin filled heart beautiful, with a love that makes it as white as snow...his love covers our heart, just like the snow covered the ugly landscape.

Looking out my front door...

a picture of the slider in day light

looking out front door toward the pasture

my patio, just as the sun is appearing over the arising

a closer shot...of my azeleas and grape abor...

awww my poor Sweet olive is heavy with ice and snow...

The moon could still be seen...

sun rising a little higher in the Eastern sky

it looked like a giant ball of fire against the white snow...

my perfect Christmas card and header, this was taken at 6:30 am..and the sun's red glow lite up the Eastern sky...

the 3 pictures above are looking out my bedroom window at the pasture beside my house, you can see the snow clouds slowly moving north...

my grape vines and azeales and bird house...

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my snow picture, will do a post later on the Grands playing and building snowmen and having snowball fights....I also realized the squirrels that where scurrying around in my yard last Sat. click here to see that post..knew something we didn't, that it was time to lay up stores and snuggle down for a long winter's nap....God is amazing.


  1. Good Afternoon Sweet Molly...
    My gosh these pictures are absolutely awesome. This is what I love about the snow. The clean, clear view. The beauty that God can create with his paintbrush. The kisses that the Angels drop so beautifully to remind us they are there too.

    I so love these pictures Molly.
    Thank you for blessing me today, by sharing them with me. These are absolutely breath taking. I love the one as your header. It is awesome.

    Hope you day is a great one.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures, Molly. Pretty enough for a calendar, pretty enough to sell as Christmas cards! So really captured the beauty so perfectly, both in your pictures and words...

  3. Molly,
    I have friends in Jackson, MS, and they called and told me about the snow there. You might like to hear this song. It's neat!

  4. you do have some pretty pictures of the snow. I like how in the south you are always surprised with the weather == snow for only a few hours and then it's all gone.

  5. Molly, Your pictures are outstanding...yes they would make lovely Christmas cards...any of them.

    We got a little in Texas, but not like that.



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