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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Good evening y'all, I know I'm a little late posting this but have been rushing around like a chicken with it's head cut off, Country Girls know what I mean by came and picked Morgan up about 11:30. I was suppose to go to Richland this evening and take Marissa to Tumbling class, but Ronnie had to come down to his Dr and had scheduled tomorrow off from work so I get the rest of the week off to rest. Yea...
Last week while Marissa and I were out junkin' looking for a sign to go in the bath, I found a little gem, I was so excited when I saw it, the pot and lid are in perfect condition and oh my, it even had the tea fuser in it. How neat is this and for only $18.00. Now, anyone who collects Hall's knows that is a steal.....I have another one just like it, but I can assure you it cost alot more than $18.00 and since the 2 Grands are arguing over who gets what when Granny dies, I just bought it now they each have one a peice or I might give it to my Sis for her Birthday, she collects Halls also. Isn't it a little beauty...

Last week when I went to the Dr I stopped at my favorite Vendors Mall and found this little item that caused my heart to skip a beat....I was trembling when I turned it over to see the price can you believe it was marked $5.00 just because the lid was gone...Ebay here I come...I have every tea pot, water pitcher, milk pitcher and coffee pot that went with my set except the Aladdin pot...and here it was with it's naked little lids what to do,???? well I bought it...



  1. Hope your find the lid to the Aladdin tea pot. I have one that was my Mothers and I love it. Warm wishes, Esther

  2. Oh, I love teapots and yours are real dandies!
    Like the infuser, that would be handy.

  3. Howdy
    Oh my gosh ,
    Yes you got a bargain :)
    I love Hall teapots.
    I have my Granny's and it is so dear to me.
    You are one lucky shopper .Way to go .
    Thank you for sharing the awesome photos .
    Blessings to you sweetie .
    Get some rest :)

  4. That loose tea pot is really cool! I LOVE tea and don't collect the pots but have several i use :)
    And so happy that you found your Aladdin piece ... I know you will find the lid eventually too!

  5. Good luck in finding the lid, Molly! Great finds!...Christine

  6. Oh, Molly! Lucky you! I have never seen a pot with the fuser. I'm sure you will find a lid to go to that tea pot.

  7. I love your tea pots. What great finds! Maybe you will find the lid to the Aladdin one sometime soon! Thanks for linking is never too late!! Have a great VTT (what is left of it!)

  8. Molly,

    I'm so glad YOU rescued the Alladin! You just might find a lid one day! I love your teapots...they look so quaint to me!

    Enjoy those granddaughters there with you!


  9. What sweet finds. I could live with the
    lovely Aladdin jewel tea pot for $5.00.
    So there's no top.... to good of a deal
    to pass up. :)

  10. Tell those grands to stop arguing over your Hall's when you pass, because you're taking it with you!!! St Peter wouldn't mind!LOL...

    Such pretty teapots, and you are so right, sooner or later the top to the Aladdin pot will show up on Ebay...

  11. I sure hope the top comes along, I am sure someone has just the top. I had a friend who collected this same pattern.

    The Raggedy Girl

  12. oooooo, I love your little teapots. They're both lovely and what great buys. Happy belated VTT..have a lovely weekend.

  13. Hope you find a top. Not many people would keep a top without the bottom.

  14. So glad you found the teapot, I'm sure some day you will find the lid. I found a piece of that pattern last week at a yard sale and I wasn't sure what it was. It looked like it was missing a lid and it was discolored a little around the lip. Came home and got on the internet and found out it was one of a set of three stacking bowls that share one lid. Maybe some day I will find the lid, it only cost me 50 cents.


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