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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A trip to the Seashore.......

This morning I want to tell you about a redo I did in my newly redone Guest/computer room. I have been tweaking it for a couple of weeks. I told y'all last week about the enamel pitcher and tray I found while, Baby Girl and I were junkin', I also told y'all I'd found something special I'd show this week,
Well y'all hold your breath, don't move.....wait..... it is, I found it at a Thrift Store and just fell in love, it is a watercolor called On The Seashore by Robert Gammell Hutchinson.

I can't tell if it is a print or an original, but I'm hoping it's an original...well come on now, I can dream can't I?....It sure looks like it is on watercolor I don't really think I would be lucky enough to find an original...can you tell I watch tooo much Antique Roadshow.....oh, be still my beating heart, his work is quite expensive. And the best part is it only cost...are you ready for this....$5.00....good deal even if it is just a copy....did I mention I really really like it....I don't want to tear into the frame since it is stapled with 2 dozen staples, and I'm afraid of damaging it......YOU CAN CLICK PICTURES TO GET BETTER LOOK....Hutchinson was born in Scotland in 1855 and died in 1936. I did do research of him on the web and found a little info, and a lot of art work, he worked in oils and watercolor and his work is very expensive. I did find an article about several of his paintings that had been found in England after being stolen. Most of the children in his work are dressed like these little ones.(I haven't figured out how to add links to articles I find on the web or I'd add the story here.)
It is such a sweet soft picture that I just had to have it, the blond and brunette little girls didn't hurt the picture any.

The little insert helped sale me on it....It made it look like more than just a cheat little $5.00 picture.

I thought it would look perfect with the little church sign, the colors match so good, I also used the pitcher and tray on top of the chest of drawers...I added my sweet little rooster scarf that I received from Bea from Bea's Bladder.
Don't they match good?
I think I like it like this now, we'll see might have to tweak it a little more...
Hope you enjoyed my special TS find and how I used it on my wall. The Hydrengra came out of my year...first bloom of the year, now the plant is covered with pink, blues, and whites.


  1. It looks PERFECT! Whenever you tire of it, I'll be happy to take it off your hands. I really like that picture.

  2. Molly, what a great find! I love your picture and the pretty vignette you created with it. I know it makes you smile every time you see it.

  3. Cute picture - but 'Bea's BlaDDer'? That is an odd name for a blog! Made me smile! I like that I could enlarge the picture to see it better! Very pretty.

  4. How nice , very pretty !
    Blessings to you dear friend, have a great day !

  5. Very lovely Molly!

  6. it really is just right!!! very pretty indeed!


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