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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Boy is it hot in Mississippi, bath room pics. almost there.

It's time for a swim and a nice cool drink...of coke that is...hehehehe....

I have been outside fertilizing my flowers and boy is it hot in is already 92 degrees at 9:00 AM. Even Levi and Chi-Chi wanted a turn under the
OK, I'm just about through with my bath...fellow called this morning and wanted to come Fri to put flooring down, but since I will be in Jackson, he said he'd be here Tues....Hip..hip..hoo-ray... So the pictures I'm going to show are without the new flooring and I still need a few more items for the wall but am in no hurry till I find what I want.....OK...are you we go, not much change but I love it....
Remember thisIt now looks like this, of course the clothes are usually in
This shelf and wall
Now looks like this we thought the mirror looked good and helped high-light the nick-naks on the shelf
And these old medicine cabinets DH made 30 yrs ago

Now looks like this, got rid of the mismatched knobs..had bird house border up at one time and it all matched years ago.

I loved the wrought iron and linen together and with the sage it's perfect (to me)

The color on the wall below is the closest to the real color I could got most pictures look either to blue or too silvery. But it is a pretty soft sage green.
This is full view of bathroom before I started
Full view now.....
work in progress closet door and corner wall....

Well that's it, how you like it. I love it, pictures don't do it justice. I still can't wait for flooring and a few other odds and ends.......


  1. My Lord Molly! What a transformation!
    It's amazing how going to white changes the look so much! Did you spray paint, or brush paint all those wood items?
    Looks wonderful!!!

  2. Thank you, no I didn't spray paint, did it all with my little (big)paint brush. I used a special mixed paint to match the towel it is more linen with a hint of green tint.. That is one thing that took so long. Had to put several coats of paint to cover up the dark, even the primer didn't cover it good.
    I love it. DH had fought to keep them the original color for years, this time he ready agreed they were due a make over.

  3. Just lovely, it looks great ! I know you are so excited, enjoy !
    Blessings to you dear friend.

  4. Hey - looks great!! What kind of flooring are you putting down? Hope to see that as well. Your room make-over turned out so nice - sage green has been one of my favorite colors this past year.

  5.! what a great job... I just love the combination of blue/white/black... just beautiful!

    blessings. Dixie

  6. I can't believe it's the same room. It looks so light and airy now! The new paint on those cabinets yer hubby made looks spectacular! It all looks like fancy custom work now! Just beautiful!

  7. I love it! It looks so crisp and clean. Good job!

  8. It is so bright and cheery! That mirror was such a clever touch ... and I LOVE the wrought iron too... Wonderful job! Beautiful even without the floor :)

  9. WOW! What a transformation! I love the colors. It is so calm and serene. Good job!

  10. Wow! I love it. The white makes everything look so fresh and clean - perfect for the bathroom.

    I love your clothes hamper too - it is not only cute but very handy.

    Nice job!

  11. It looks great Molly! I love it!

    Many hugs..............


  12. First I want to know if you PAINTED that bathing suit beauty your self, because I LOVE her and would like to steal that picture. Now for me the drink WOULD be a coke, but doesn't look like THAT'S what she's imbibing.

    Your bathroom is GORGEOUS. What a lot of work you've done, and how worth it!!!!

  13. I love the 'new' bathroom. I like the before and after medicine cabinets. I've never seen a clothes hamper quite like that, very handy. I'd probably forget there were clothes in there, tho, and forget to wash them until they were spilling out. (You can tell, with my boys I'm used to dirty clothes on the floor. Kind of hard to forget to do the wash when the floor is covered). We've been doing a lot around here lately. It feels good to accomplish something. Good Job!

  14. I really like those medicine cabinets. How nice they look all freshly painted. I'm glad you were able to reuse them. Otherwise, I'd have to ask when you were having your garage sale!


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