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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Several things with reasons why I don't.....And prayers needed again

Good morning y'all, it's been an interest night and quite morning around Molly's Country Memories Home Place...Marissa spent the night with Mo-Mo and went to VBS with her this in the quite of the morning I have been thinking and reflecting...
I have realized there are several things that for special reason I don't do
or it's best not to do...
First thing...It's best not to let DH cut the yard on his big bad boy mower,

Reason: Because he doesn't go around certain items like my Black Day Lily planted close to the side of my house...I know my fault cause I didn't have it in a bed...welllll, I was using day lilies as a border....If you look close you can see the pitiful little roots left sticking up...
Second thing...Don't take the crud for 5 weeks in the Spring and then decide to repaint and make over the inside of your house.

Reason...The outside and yard have to wait and then you wind-up in the hottest part of the summer with flower window boxes and flower beds looking like mulch in the beds how terrible they look.
and this, can you see it...the shame of it all...naked as a Jaybird right there in front of the camera...(hanging my head in shame)Third, but not least things....Never make plans and not expect things to change
Reason...God laughs at human plans, he decides what we will do. I had planned to go junkin' with Rissa yesterday and them picking something up for supper and going to Mo-Mo's ball game at 5:00, never happened, well not all of it, Rissa and I did go to town and did a little junkin' and then went to Wally World and bought groceries. I had mentioned yesterday that DH had been sick for quite a while with sinus infection and was using a new devise to get the antibiotics to the sinus quicker, he started having a bad headache last Thurs and it just wouldn't go away. He's been having headaches off and on for awhile...He called the Dr while I was gone and they told him to be at his office by 5:00 and they were sending him to the Hospital last night at 7:00 pm for an MRI. Needless to say all plans changed. I called Lori and she picked Rissa up and let her go to the game with them and she spent the night over there. She is in VBS now and will be home after dinner.

We left here and made a flying trip to get there on time and then had to hang around McComb till 7, 2 whole hours. DH felt so bad, that I hurt for him. We went to Taco Bell and got me something to eat, he couldn't eat...I went mainly to give him some where cool to set ( it's been in the 90's and this is MS, that means it feels 110) and drink a coke while we waited. We finally went to the Hospital about 6:15 and just went to the x-ray waiting room, it was empty so DH laid down in the chairs and went to sleep. They finally got them done about 7:45 and I got him back home, by 9. He finally quite throwing up around 4:30 this morning and fell asleep. He got up a few minutes ago and took his meds and went back to sleep. He has been so sick with this for so long, he is getting depressed...he will feel good for a few days and try to get something done then it hits him again and he can't get out of bed for 2-3 days. So please pray that God will put his healing hands on him and make him better.

On a lighter note, Rissa and I did find a couple of item while we were junkin' I saw a lot of cute items, but since my space is getting limited I only bought 2 items. Will show you them on another post.

Hope you all have a Blessed day.



  1. Poor All of You!!

    So what was the matter with DH? Just a terrible reaction to the antibiotics?

    I really hope all turns out well - I suffer terribly with sinus problems too - lots of cold compresses and lavender oil under the nose. Anti inflams? If all fails a sinus wash? Eeek.


  2. Fleur, we don't know what the MIR showed yet, Dr is in surgery till 1:00 pm, but Dr said next step could be to put him in Hospital and give him drips interveinial, could mean up to 3 month stay in Hospital...that is what they had to do to get rid of my staph, but I was lucky my insurance pd for in home care and Meds.

  3. Molly, I hope they do put him in the hospital and put him on the drip if just doesn't get better just REAL QUICK, and get rid of it once and for all, this has just gotten TOO SERIOUS and gone on too long, what a shame he has to suffer like that and pain right there in your head you can't get away from, it is awful. Maybe the new meds will kick in all of the sudden? Hope the MRI will show what is wrong.

    You are so right in this post! "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!"

  4. Yes, I hope they put him in the hospital and get to work on finding what it wrong. I'm praying that all goes well for you.

  5. Sweet Molly, praying for your dear husband.
    Have a blessed Tuesday.

  6. Oh Molly, your poor husband....I'll be praying for him! They need to do whatever is necessary to take care of this thing once and for all! I'm so sorry!

    Hang in there!

  7. Hi Molly! I Came over to check out your 2nd time around post. As I was looking around your blog I saw the wonderful pictures and quotes on your side bar. My favorite is the one that says "If you don't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them." My husband and I feel exactly the same way. Do you have a family member overseas? We do not but we do send care packages over to the troops all the time. (It's one of my husbands favorite things to do.) Anyway...If you are interested shoot me an e-mail and I will send you the link to the web sight we use.

    Have a wonderful week!
    My Desert Cottage

  8. I'm praying for your husband. It must be depressing to be sick and no end in sight. Have a great week and Maybe the MRI will show he put a pea up his nose as a baby and they will take it out and he will be all better.... :)

  9. Praying that your hubby will be feeling better soon. I hope the mri results come back quickly!
    My kids and I have sinus infections a lot (not like your dh, of course) and they make one feel so miserable!

  10. I hope they figure it out for you! prayers are for you!

  11. Oh, I feel so sorry for your DH. But as far as your daylilies go, DH might as well be a deer. That's what my daylilies look like from the deer that come through our yard at night. Daylily folliage is quite tasty to them.

  12. Into the prayer bowl again for DH .... that is the most awful pain .... may he get some relief soon.


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