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Molly's Country Memories

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A trip to Trustmark meet a sweet blogger buddy

Last Thursday I went to Jackson to met a sweet blogger friend, Montee from Montee Is A Palmettogirl If you've never visited her blog, check her out you won't regret it.....Montee lives in Texas, but since her hubby is GM for the Mississippi Braves she spends the summer in the "Sip"...we had talked about having lunch one day and getting to met each other, Also this year the MB was host to the Atlanta Braves tryout camp, my GS Keifer had planned to attend, so we decided to met the day of tryouts and eat lunch in the Grill over the Field where we could watch some of the tryouts, but unfortunately Keif was in a group that was on the side that the grill was on and we couldn't see him and I didn't really want him to know I was there, afraid it would make him nervous.

But I did get to met the sweetest lady, and Rissa was with me and she took to Montee like a duck to water, which is unusual, she is usually real reserved around someone she doesn't know.

She even wanted her picture made with Montee,

We sit and talked like we had known each other all our lives, We had chicken salad sandwiches which I thought was fairly good but Montee worried because they weren't as good as usual...I don't eat the crust of the sandwich anyhow, so I found it to be ok...but she kept apologizing for recommending them....she is so sweet......we also had an older couple that Montee knew from the park arrive at the same time we did for lunch and we asked them to join us. I really enjoyed meeting Montee, she is a true southern girl after my own heart, as the saying goes she's a little bit country and a whole lot of personality. MY KIND OF PERSON.......We finally decided to walk out side to see if we could see Keif any where...all the try outers had moved to the dugout....

I finally spotted him and he came up to where we where. He unfortunately didn't make it but he wasn't too disappointed, he said he knew he didn't have much of a change, he is an outfielder and a great hitter and base runner, but they were looking for pitchers and catchers and really didn't pay much attention to the outfielders who showed up. I did get to introduce him to Montee and then he was off to work...I was so proud of him, he had gone to work at 7:00 until 9:30 leaving just enough time to make it to the park by 10, then after tryouts he went and ate lunch and went back to work...he works in the summer for Gulf South pine line, and boy is it hot out there, the other 2 guys from Richland that was there used the TOs as an excuse to take the whole day off.

Doesn't he look like he is saying, Granny put the camera down...sorry I can't help it just had to take one more with the bat bag on the shoulder; oh such sweet memories. I still hate that he won't play in College...he is in Nursing and says there is no way to taking Nursing and play baseball and that his career comes first......sigh...I really think he went to tryouts for his PawPaw and me. OK, I know we all love our Grands but this child is extra special to me, not only my first, but he lived with me for so long when his Dad worked on the road and was gone for month's at a time. And even though sometimes I know he might get aggravated with his Granny he still loves me and doesn't mind showing it...

After he left Montee and I also parted ways and are planning on meeting again one day this summer and going on a shopping trip. I can't wait to take her to some of my favorite junkin spots.


  1. Going junkin' with you Molly would be so much fun! You know all the great spots. Problem is, I'd have to wrestle ya' right there in the shop because you'd spot all the prizes first!

    Isn't it fun to meet fellow bloggers?

  2. Sorry Keifer didn't make the MB's. Sounds like he's a great kid. Hardworking too.

    Glad you got to meet and eat lunch with your blogging buddy. Rissa's a cute girl.


  3. How nice to get to meet a sweet blogger in real life! And how neat that Rissa took to her so quickly, that sure is a cute picture of Montee and R together.

    Sorry to hear that yr grandson did not make it through the tryouts but maybe it's fer the best, as a future RN he does NOT want anything to injure his back, nursing is terrible on the back, and he plays so hard he might throw it out.

    I bet when you and Montee get together to go junkin' that money will fly and bargains will be made!!!

  4. Hi Molly, I'm looking forward to meeting one of my blogging friends next month. I'm very excited about it!!

    Your grandson is very handsome. :)

  5. I'm sorry Keifer didn't make the cut, but I know you are proud of him just for trying!
    It is fun to meet bloggy friends in real life. I hav met some friends from Ireland and some from Florida, and enjoyed it very much.

  6. Hey Marjorie,
    I really, really love to go junkin'. The other day my friends from Clinton took me to get a hamburger at Beatty's Grocery on West St. I saw a salvage store down that way and was itching to go in, but they aren't into that. Did you get my message about if y'all ever need tickets to a game? Just let me know a day or 2 beforehand if you ever need any. I did have a very nice time with you and Rissa. We will do it again soon! I need to get ready to go to the game, but I'm lolligagging because it is so hot. It's clouded up around here. Maybe we'll get some rain. That would be nice. Talk soon.

  7. Hey Molly!
    Your comment on my blog made me laugh!
    You are such a witty one! LOL!!
    Looks like you had a nice day out!
    I'd love to go junkin' with ya!
    That would be a blast for sure!

    Have a great rest of the week!
    Oh, how's your DH's maters growing in the buckets?
    I'm sure they're doing better than ours did when we tried....
    We had fried squash and a salad made with broccoli out of the garden...I diced up some tomato,crumbled up some bacon and stirred in some ranch dressing...yum!
    We had some left over grilled pork loin from Saturday....I put it on the George Foreman grill to heat it up and it was great!!!
    That is a terrific way to re-heat hamburgers too...I usually hate a warmed over hamburger...I was impressed with how they turned out on the Foreman!
    Have a great week!

  8. What a wonderful grandson, I know you are so proud and should be ! How wonderful to get to meet your blogging friend, what a blessing !


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