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Molly's Country Memories

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Riding the big yellow machine...hee-haw

Hello Y'all, I can't believe I haven't posted since Thurs. I spent Friday and Sat in Richland, Thurs night I took Marissa home so she could go to her Tumbling class, she is quite good to be her first try at Tumbling. Then I went shopping Fri. found several cute dresses for Marissa and Morgan at ROSS, I stayed Fri. night to attend an Aloette party...spent too much money and came home early this morning.
I want to apology to all my blogging friends that I have missed in the last 2 week, I try to read as much as I can, and leave comments, but just don't have time to do alot right now, several of my posts are like time release capsules....had to be written early and scheduled for posting later....the last 3 weeks has been a whirl wind....Have I mentioned I'm getting to old for wouldn't change a bit of it except DH being so sick.......
Tonight I wanted to show you a couple of my favorite picture...I laugh everytime I look at them, Redman is such a is turning 12 this July so his Daddy decided it was time for him to learn to help cut their 5 acre yard...Wow, I get tied just thinking about it....
So bright and early Monday Morning he take's him outside to learn to cut the yard...

Daddy giving him instuctions..."are you listening to me Son?....stop grinning and pay attention.....Isn't he taking it all in?check out that big grin, his Mom said he was more interested in having a new toy to ride than getting the yard cut straight........I just had to share this first time's still grinning about getting to ride the big mower.

Y'all have a good week-end. Night-night...

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