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Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Foto Friday

Good Morning Y'all, It's Family Foto Friday again, Deborah at is hosting Favorite Family Foto. You get to see lots of family photos, hop on over and check them out.
Today my FFF's are about my favorite sport and how much I love watching my little ones play it. My real love for the sport started 22 yrs ago when BB was 7 yrs old and starting playing, there was been at least 1 child playing ever since, now we have 2 playing.
Lance at 7 yrs..start the whole thing...he played for 11 yrs
Keifer started playing the yr Lance stopped, This is my favorite picture of hates it...he says he looks like Goofy sliding into second, but at least he was safe...
Next came Connor he started playing when Keifer had 2 yrs left so we knew we'd be at the ballfield for another12 yrs...
But today my Very Fav Friday Fotos are about the little lady in our ball field...She started playing last year and she is tough, she can be sooo lady like, but underneath that sweet girly look is a "get out of my way" tough and tummble girl...


  1. I love to see kids do what they so love doing and although she is focused I bet it's a blast for her. :)

  2. Hello Molly, I adore your baseball photo's of your children in their stages of ballfield days. We too had ballplaying children. I can relate to you many years on the ballfields so well. Your dtr. is adorable and her painted helmet is a hoot. Her expression is priceless. This is the best years with our children. I know you enjoy every minute. We sure did.


  3. Thanks so much for the nudge to enlarge that pic ... what a treasure! you need to blow that pic up and put it on the wall!

  4. I have enjoyed my years at the ballfield. They have flown by. I have one more year to watch Brett. Hopefully he can play in college, but that won't be the same. I know a few M-Braves players that need pink flowers painted on their helmets.


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