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Friday, June 05, 2009

Favorite Family Foto Friday play Day

Good Morning Y'all, It's Family Foto Friday again, Deborah at is hosting Favorite Family Foto. You get to see lots of family photos, hop on over and check them out.
As I'm sure by now, most of you know I've kept both my Grand Girls for 2 weeks, Marissa 5 days a week and Morgan about 2-3, or until they are tired of each can't help but laugh at them, one minute Morgan wants me to call her Mom to come get her and the next she's changed her mind. Kid's. They love each other to death, but are both the only girl in their house and they each want to be boss...sigh, I have to let them know every now and then that Granny is BOSS.
Anyway here are a couple of pictures I took with a zoom lens through my bedroom window, they were having such a good time. They said their Pawpaw's old hunting truck and trailer was their house and they were baby sitting with a friend's baby, mighty big baby
The pictures aren't too clear, but if you look close you will see they are actually holding hands, and the baby is beside them...Levi was in

This picture was made on Marissa's 2d Birthday party, she got the Doll and buggy for her Birthday, trouble was, Morgan had one like it at home and she thought it was hers....they were both crying, NO rephrase that, screaming for it...Morgan was willing to fight for it, Marissa just held on for dear life....

These next pictures are some I made in 2007 before Christmas when both stayed with me for 3 days, they wanted to make their Mom's some ornies for the tree, I didn't want them to get paint on their good clothes so we made cover-ups out of their Pawpaw's old T-shirts and added ribbons on the shoulders to keep sleeves out of their way. OH Yes, my paint room is also my storage room so don't look at the mess behind day I might get my store house built. What's the old saying, shoe maker's family never has shoes......well a carpenter's wife never gets any thing built.

They painted these this past Dec. 2008 for their Mom's Christmas
These are some of my favorites cause it shows even though I call them oil and water there are times they do get maybe little but she is loud, and very Bossy, Sis says she reminds her of me....(I don't believe I was ever bossy, I was just the Baby and wanted my way...giggle)

Hope you enjoyed my pictures today and go over to Deborah's and check out more pictures.


  1. its good you are documenting these things so they won't be able to argue about their personalities when older.....I've been told I was bossy, but then again, my sister is the only one who can validate that!!!

    loved the post and all the pictures...they are sweet little girls....


  2. Those are such sweet pictures - I especially love the one where they are holding hands and in the "big" shirts. So cute!

    I bet you have alot of fun with those cute girls!

  3. Such darling photos. Your blog is delightful.

  4. Molly, they are two cuties! My two younger sisters are very much like them. The difference is my sisters are now in their thirties. LOL

  5. Loved the pics today ... I was just talking to my BFF about having my grandson for 2 weeks starting tomorrow --- wonderful fun but exhausting is what we decided :)
    PS over in ToleTown I am referring all the newbies to your soap blog again :)

  6. I absolutely LOVED this post, Molly! My son and nephew who are 3 months apart were like oil and water. I don't think they quit fighting constantly until they were about 10...then it was magic...they decided that was enough I guess. But they've always been close. And believe me I have a bossy one here now too...I think it's because both of mine are almost like only children with their age differences! I can see Joy's bossiness come out when she has other kids out...always the leader. (My mom says she's just like I was when I was little though).

    Loved the pics of the girls holding hands and pretending! The pets never know what they're in they? ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I had to laugh about your granddaughters. My daughter and her cousin are 10 months apart. When they were younger they wanted to play, then they'd get mad, then play. They were funny!

  8. What precious grandgirls ! I love the photo of them holding hands, so sweet. You are so blessed and they are blessed to have such a great granny.

  9. Precious photos, Molly! I know the children will really appreciate them when they grow up...Christine

  10. Sweet grandchildren. Enjoy this age.

  11. Two real cuties you have there, Molly! GRAND girls indeed! But it's so funny...them playing so sweet and then getting cantankerous...then playing ...then back to fussing...LOL...

    POOR DEAN. That naughty baby Molly always being the loud-mouth lime, trying to get her way!!!

  12. Aren't granddaughters special? And don't they just love to come to your house? Looks like you provide them with lots of fun!


  13. Taking care of grandkids is a privilege and a test! I've been doing it for 6 1/2 years now...there are up and downs, aren't there?

    Hope you print posts like this one and share it with them once they are older. Very cute!
    Thanks for sharing!


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