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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, June 08, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

Outside my window...The sun is shining and birds are singing, our garden is growing so green and pretty, we are getting more rain than usual for this time of year in Mississippi and everything is still green

I am thinking...How I’d love to go back to bed and sleep all day…lol…but Marissa will be awake soon and wanting breakfast

I am thankful …..for the rain we have been getting and for the fresh veggies from the garden

From the kitchen...for breakfast it’s hot coffee, scrambled eggs, toast and bacon, for supper subway sandwiches and cheese pizza

I am wearing…blue night gown and fuzzier white socks.

I am going…to go junkin’ today with Rissa

I am creating...a new lamp and doing some painting's for Birthday gifts.

I am reading...Some great blogs from blogland….not really getting a lot of reading done.

I am hoping that this new treatment will help DH with his sinus infection, it’s been going on too long.

I am hearing...outside my house is a constant hum of a truck motor, it is a special sound I know too well, the across the highway neighbor is having chicken manure put on his pasture, oh Lord does it stink, won’t be able to go out in the yard for 2 weeks…sigh, I know as expensive is it is to farm now, they have to save every way they can, but God I hate that rotten smell.

Around the house...Everything is clean and even the laundry is finished. And everyone is still asleep…for the moment.

One of my favorite the early morning quite time.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday…going junkin with my Rissa
Tuesday…do a little straighten up and a ball game tonight to watch Redman play for the City Championship…go team go.
Weds….Help Mo-Mo and Rissa paint some Christmas ornies for their Moms
Thurs…Get my hair done, Going to Richland to take Rissa to Gymnastics and spend the night..
Fri. Do a little shopping at the new Micheal's and Hobby Lobby, take Keiferman out to dinner with me and Rissa, attend an Aloe party and come home. .
Sat. Play it by ear
Sunday …go to Church and rest and wait for them to bring Rissa back down.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...I think we've all been here a time or two.
Hope you have a great day. don't forget to check out the other daybooks for today.


  1. Hi, Molly, Hope you have a lovely week. Be blessed.

  2. Sounds like a great week .... have a good time with Rissa and even a dinner with Keifer (and a ballgame and junkin!) You will be in heaven (if you can stay awake)
    Downloaded that pic ... LOVE it

  3. Hi Molly, I'm sorry your DH is still not feeling better. I pray that comes soon. Your breakfast sounds yummy! My little one is insisting I try Special K cereal with her for breakfast, but I'd rather your breakfast. :)

  4. Great read today - sorry about the chicken poo, but, that's life on a farm! :) SMILE!

  5. Good morning Molly!

    Hope you had a great shopping day today. :-) And, that your DH rids himself of that nasty sinus infection. I'm just getting over one..whew that was crummy. I'm so sorry about the chicken manure...we used to have some friends that lived VERY near a farm and did SMELL....I hope the aroma passes soon.


  6. I know you've accomplished a lot today but, it seems that you understand the importance of singletasking looking at your weeks schedule!
    As I said this morning, "Singletasking is underrated".
    Oh! And the chicken poop! Of course it always goes on the ground in the spring when we could actually be spending a lot of time out doors. In a couple of weeks it'll be buggy and humid and hot...but hey, maybe not. We've had plenty of cool Julys!

  7. Poor little froggie! Hang on, honey!

    Another busy week for Molly!!!

  8. Aww...what a neat post! I loved it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  9. Hi Molly,

    I’ve added a Mr. Linky at Grandmother Wren’s to make it easier for the Summer Daybook ladies to find and visit one another while Peggy is on vacation.

    Please stop by on Mondays to add your link – I’d love to see your Daybook there!


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