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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Treasures once/Trash now/Treasures again .....and a big mouth....

Last week when Rissa was here I took her home Thurs. night and spend a couple of nights with the family  in Richland, We had plans to go berry picking Sat. Fri. morning Rissa and I slipped off to Pearl to a Flea Market, We found several items there that I just had to have, Rissa found 5 Barbies that were $2.00 a piece fully clothed and they were so cute, of course she was too busy playing with them for me to get a picture. They were in A-1 condition, the lady who owned the little shop had bought 75 of them from an Estate sale of a Lady who had collected Barbies for years. She had already sold most of the better ones in boxes for $5.00 each....
I also found this black shelf, for .50 cents, don't know yet what I'm going to do with it, but I'll figure out something one day.
The green line on the ticket means it's 50% off, now I couldn't  pass that up, could I?
Next she had a basket full of knitted items and a few linen scarves, I found these 2 for $1.00 each
These are called dresser scarves and are usually 3 to a set, but some one had already bought one of, I needed it for my dresser. But I'll find somewhere else to use them...I just love the pretty baskets of flowers and the tan color.
Sat. on my way home from taking BB his Berries I picked for them, I came through Jackson and stopped at the Elton St. Flea Market...I told y'all I'd tell you what I found, but first let me tell you about a man I meet there, he was one of those old men, I know y'all have ran across one of them some time in your life, if you haven't you will. One of those blow hard big mouths that just have to smart off about everything, 
I had just got to the Market and was looking at different vendors booths, it was getting late and extremely hot in the building, there were very few customers there, maybe 4 or 5 besides me and it is a big building so there was only the lady that ran the booth and me in her area...he walked over from one of those everything new from China booths, I'm sure you know the kind I'm talking about. It seems that's all you can find in some malls now adays.
Anyhow I was looking at this little jewel
Marked 2 whole dollars and I was telling the lady I had to have it, (can't you see the possibilities of it?) WELLLLL, he started out with, "girl what do you want with a piece of junk like that, I just never can understand why you women go so crazy over just pure junk"....well I tried to exnore  him, and I could tell it was embaressing the little old lady in the booth, but he just wouldn't shut up, "I told my wife, she better never bring junk like that in my house, wasting my good money on junk"... "it's even got a hole in the side, what in the world are you going to do with it" "you women just amuse me" OK, that did it, I am not there to Amuse him, I sweetly and politely with fire shooting out of my eyes....told him, that I was so sorry that he didn't have the vision to see the treasure in this little pot, but I did, I could see that at one time it was a treasured, loved item in some other lady's home, and even though some people might think of it as junk, I could see a beautiful little flower pot or a spooner for the kitchen, a little change holder, there were so many ways it could still be useful, even it it couldn't be used as a tea pot anymore, and that what is one man's  trash is anothers treasure.
I then started to turn around and start looking at the items again, but I just had to tell this old wrinkled, seen better days,  over weigh man, that I guess we were lucky that people didn't judge our worth by our looks as we got older or there would be alot of us threw out for junk.
I then turned my back on him and continued shopping, and happy days look what other special treasure I found 


and for $4.00...I really danced a jigg on this find, he just shook his head and
I see red, No not from his big mouth, red on the Canisters along with hens and roosters and biddies everywhere, Don't you? And the lazy susan works fine.....
I spend a grand total of $8.50 and Rissa spent $10.00 not bad at all.


  1. OMGosh I got so excited when I saw that old cannister set on the lazy susan. Been awhile since I have seen one of those but WAY cool find. I can totally see the potential!!

    Love the black shelf too! Wow You did good!!

  2. It's amazing to see all the treasures you got from the Flea market and at a very low price. Congrats.

  3. You go, girl! I'm so glad you told him!

    Love that canister set.

  4. Yes, yes and yes. How neat...this is my favorite kind of post, the trash kind! Hahaha. And that old curmudgeon was talking trash. I mean, who needs a heckler when they've found nirvana junking? Geeze! Love your stuff.

  5. What wonderful treasures, so much potential !
    Blessings to you my sweet friend, have a great weekend.

  6. Seems like you had a wonderful time and that is what flea markets are all about! Have a great weekend, Esther

  7. I crown you queen of the bargains finds!

  8. what cute items!

    can't wait to see how you turn them into something beautiful!!! :)

  9. You did well for yourself! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I did the same thing today...and had a great time!


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