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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday & Scenic Sunday, small town USA

It's time for 2 of my favorite Memes,,,,,Shadow shot Sunday over at Hey Harriet's. and Scenic Sunday
My SHADOW SHOT for today is 2 shots I took of the Hibiscus in front of my Son mail box, I just love the way the petals cause shadows to form within the flower itself...

for my SCENIC SHOT I have some more pictures of Small town USA, these where taken somewhere in Southern Kentucky on a back road leading to the Interstate, but it could have been taken anywhere USA. I love the small towns of America, I believe the small towns are the backbone of our Great Nation.
                                              I hope you all have a great Sunday and safe week to come.


  1. OHHH! The hibiscus is LOVELY! I never see one that I don't think of Aunt Billie, whose patio in Memphis was ringed round with head-high plants laden with all those beautiful, tropical colors so bright they almost had a taste.

    That sweet, city-living country woman called them her "high biscuits," and I think of that often.

    And looking at a Southern small town brings a little ping of joy---that long vista of the road into the distance, and almost as much a heart-kiss in the old faded RC sign as in the depiction of the flag.

    Simply wonderful, Molly.

  2. Love the small town USA pictures Molly. The hibiscus is really something too!

  3. I decided to go down 51 coming home from Brookhaven on Saturday. 1st time thru Wesson, just a dot on the map.


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