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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blue Monday

It's Blue Monday over at Sally's house. .Please visit Smiling Sally for more blues.
This week, I think most of you are like me dreaming of Fall and cooler weather. It has been an extremely warm Summer in MS this year, but then it was an awfully cold winter too. The Seasons seem to be all missed up or is it just changing like it has for centuries. I remember when I was in school over 50 yrs ago when we attended a football game in Sept we had to wear coats, I went to my Granddaughter's soccer game Sat and cooked in 98 degree weather. I was reminded of the song that says "and times they are a changing".
But back to the present, I was looking through some old photos I had scanned from old paper pictures to the computer..and ran across these sweatshirts I painted a few years ago, man how I wish we needed these right

 This one was copied from a picture that the buyer had of her home town in PA.
 This  one had pants to match but I couldn't find the picture I took of them...
 I liked this sweet set made for a co-worker's daughter
 Mary had a little Lamb also done for a Co-worker's little girl
 This one was mine, I found the picture in a coloring book and painted it for myself... 
 love Bunnies
 I did so many of this pattern, that I grew to hate
 another picture from a coloring book
 Name and date in baloons for a friend
painted this one for my neighbor's daughter when she was expecting....she is still a #1 Mom.
Be sure to check Sally's other blues out and pray cool weather will soon be here.


  1. You are very talented. I love these.

    Jane, who is patiently hoping for cooler weather to arrive, sooner rather than later!

  2. Hey Molly, wish I had just a tenth of your creativeness.

    Hopefully we'll have some cooler weather soon.

  3. Beautiful creations. I love how festive they are.

  4. All of them are so cute. Yes, it's hot. Very hot.....


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