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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cool southern morning and small town USA

This morning I had to go to McComb a town about 35 miles south of Brookhaven to have the much dreaded Boob for this year. My appointment time was 8:30 and I arrived 15 mins early to fill out papers and WAIT...much to my surprise when I arrived the tech was waiting for me and I was on my way home before 8:30 my appointment time. What a surprising treat that was.
On my way home instead of taking the Interstate back to Wesson, I decided to take the small 2 lane Hwy 51. Since I live on 51 Hwy it was a straight scenic shot home. I really enjoy taking the slower routes when ever possible. The small town of Summit is on 51 about 2 miles North of McComb, it is just a small town, the down town area consist of 1 stop light intersection and a small main street. It is also the home to my favorite junkin' store...which doesn't open till 10:00, I decided to take some pictures of this small little piece of is small towns like this that really form the backbone of America.
Summit is a town in Pike County, Mississippi, USA. The population was 1,428 at the 2000 census. It is part of the McComb, Mississippi Micropolitan Statistical Area.
The town originated as a railroad town and was named Summit because it was thought to be the highest point on the Illinois Central Railroad between New Orleans and Jackson, Mississippi, though nearby Brookhaven actually holds the title.
                      some of the older building have been torn down leaving only the towers behind...
                                            looking south on Hwy 51 back towards McComb
                                                            looking west at the cross roads
                                         another shot looking towards the the one stop light...
                               looking east, you can tell the morning sun was just coming up good...
                                                     right side of the street looking East
                   left side looking eastlooking east, ...

                                          ahhh, my favorite junkin' store..Southwest Vender's Mall...

                                  Main Street Summit looking east towards the railroad tracks...
                                                        left side of the street looking west..
                                            like all small towns they fly their flags with pride....
I saw this little guy sitting in Lake Dixie Springs on my way home. Lake Dixie Springs is 1/2 way between McComb and Bouge Chitto
                                   I love how the sun caused it to look like a haze over the lake...
                                       Morning Glorys were blooming every where at the lake...

 these 2 shots almost look like I took them in black and white, but I didn't the sun was coming up behind them causing this effect and the Crane was so far out in the lake even with zoom, this is the best shot I could get...of course standing on a bridge in the middle of a busy highway didn't help
when I saw this log it was loaded with turtles, but just as I went to snap it, they did a disappearing can see a couple still with their heads above water..I had same problems with them as with the Crane. usually 51 isn't that busy along this stretch of road...
I hope you enjoyed my little trip to a small town, get out when you can and explore some small towns near you and then research their History you might be surprised at what you discover. I love history.


  1. All of those places are not really that far from where we live, but due to being all ways on the run - I've never been to them.

    Thanks for the tour!

  2. One of my favorite things to do is explore "Small Town, America," and Mississippi has some of the most interesting and historical places. Thanks for sharing McComb with us.

    I loved the silhouetted shots of the crane. You've got to be careful on those bridges, though!


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