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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tears and a broken heart...

Tonight as I type this, my heart is breaking and I know I will cry alot more before going to bed, it is hard to keep from crying now. My precious Levi, followed Katie Girl off as usual hunting, Monday evening. She finally returned home Last night about 10, too sore and tired too move. But my little dancing bear didn't come back with her. I just wrote a story about him for Tuesdays Show and Tail. We live in the country and there are a lot of acres for them to ramble. He goes with her quite often but always comes back in a few hours. The last time I saw him was Monday Evening around 4:30. I just knew he would be home when I got up Tuesday morning, or last night or at least by this morning, but so far he isn't home. I have cried all day and DH had rode all over the pastures, woods and down around the lake, but there is no sign of him. I love my big lug, and hurt to think he may have jumped a deer and ran so far that he can't find his way back, or that someone might have shot him, it is Turkey season here and some of these idiots will shot a dog if they interfere with their hunting. Another thing that bothers me is he LOVES to eat, he is always hungry and every time you walk out the back door he is begging for food. The thought of him being gone 2 days with no food is killing me. I miss seeing him when I open the patio door blinds.
DH says he thinks he will come back home it might take a while but he has had hunting dog that where gone for a week that finally showed up. He was encouraged that he didn't find his body anywhere.
I just know I miss him and hurt to think of how he is suffering and maybe scared of being by himself, he is such a big baby. I know it is silly and God has more important things to worry about, but I pray he will bring him home safe, or if he is gone that he didn't suffer any.
I won't be posting anything tomorrow, my heart just isn't in it. I will stop by and visit when I can keep my mind on what I am reading. I know I'm being silly, so please forgive me.


  1. Molly,

    I'm so sorry about your Boy---we all love our four-legged Dearies beyond belief.

    I wish you and him a sweet sleep tonight, and a happy reunion soon.


  2. My heart goes out to you and my prayers to heaven for your baby to come home. It is true, they are like family members.

  3. You are not silly, he is part of the family and not knowing what happened is scary.

    I'm so sorry - I can feel your pain there.

    I'm heading on to bed, but I promise to say a prayer and hope he comes home - real soon.


  4. Sweetie, you are NOT being silly and not a soul on here would say such a thing! Your dog is a member of your family. An important member. I hope he comes home safe and sound. Mine was gone a week once also...and she came home, covered in mud with a swollen face from snake bite. It happens. Think positive..ok? We love you and we're sorry...and hoping along with you..
    Hugs and love,

  5. Oh Molly Sweetie...
    I am saying prayers for your sweet boy as I type. Levi will find his way home sweetie. We are sending angels out there to protect him and they will light the path to bring him home.

    I am sending you hugs sweetie, and there, there I have taken my precious hankie and caught those tears. It will be okay. He will come home.

    It is never silly to stress over our pets. They are our friends. We love them as much as children. (We nuture them, we feed them, we take care of them as children and they become as such.)

    Dear Heavenly Father, send your angels out to guide Molly's precious Levi home. We feel he may have lost his way, like a little lost lamb. Molly will be watching for him Father, so give her peace, so that she can rest tonight, and assurance that you are helping guide him home. We ask this in your precious name dear Father. Amen and Amen.

    Keep me posted dear friend. I am praying. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  6. OH Molly, this is awful news, but I hope it will end well. Could be he pulled his leg running and is very slow to come back home. As you know a Lab can smell his way back even if he has run far. Poor old Levi. I am keeping hope that he will return soon. Did you check at the vets around your area, I have taken injured "stray" animals to ours for care. You poor thing hang in there.

  7. Oh I'm sorry to hear your news - I do hope your dancing bear will be back in your arms soon!!! When one of my girls is missing, even for a short time, I am really quite ill until they come in the door! Prayers for his safe return!!!

  8. I am sad your dog is missing. I do pray that he is safe and will come home soon. I agree with the others that you are NOT silly. I totally understand that you are so worried and stressed out over this. Praying for a good outcome.


  9. Oh, Molly, I'm so very sorry to hear about your sweet Levi. I hope he will find his way back to you, and you will have good news to share with us today. Try to think good thoughts.

    My heart goes out to you, and I pray that Levi has a safe journey home.

  10. Oh Molly, I breaks my heart also to hear someone has lost a pet. There are not any words in my heart, just heart ache and tears for you and Levi. Praying somehow he finds his way home.


  11. You are not being silly. Hopefully he will return soon.

  12. Oh Molly, I know exactly what you're feeling. Everytime my hubby turns the beagles out it's so gut wrenching until they are all caught back up.

    Ours will come home if nobody bothers them. So, I'm praying that Levi will be home soon. Sometimes it does take a while for them to back track their way home.

    Take care,

  13. Molly... he's a Lab.. he'll be back... keep the faith...

  14.'re not being silly! We love our pets! I'll pray that somehow Levi finds his way back to you safely! Hang in there! My heart aches for you too!


  15. It is not silly, we love the little devils.
    I read yesterday about a cat that had jumped in the open door of a UPS truck and wound up at a shelter the other side of this person's town.
    We had a dog missing for several days and finally found him at the cemetery. We guessed maybe it looked familiar to him as we had stopped there on our way to town alot. It was like he waited there for us. (He was ok).
    Vet clinics are good places to check as someone said.
    Our prayers are with Levi to find his way safely home.

  16. Oh Molly, I'm so sorry to hear that about Levi. I would be broken hearted too. Do you have an animal shetler nearby that you could let them know about him so they will call you if they find him? I did have a collie that would do that and he would come home sometimes at a week and others after a good almost 2 weeks. So there is hope that he will come back home.

    Again, I'm so sorry to hear that he is missing.


  17. No your not being silly. I know how your feeling. Our kitty went missing last winter for over a week in -20 degree weather, and we just knew he had to be gone. Then the weather warmed a little (to 0) and there he was one day wanting to come in. Both DH and I were so excited and would not let him out of the house for a week...LOL. Our fur babies are important to us and to God, He made them, I believe he gave them to use to make us smile and show us a bit of His unconditional love. I pray you will find some comfort and peace, that your buddy will come home so you can have some more time with him. Sending hugs...

  18. Oh I am so sad. :(
    Saying prayers for you and Levi. God IS listening.


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