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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Skate board Diva

Good morning ladies, I was just wondering how many of you lovely ladies suffer from the "Not able to sleep all night syndrome" like me. I find the older I get the more I wake up several times a night...and there is no need to try to go back to sleep, I just lay there and toss. Was just wondering, you know the old saying "inquiring minds want to know"
Anyhow decided to make the best of the early morning quite and tell you about my visitors last Sat.
Middle boy and his wife live in Richland and both work so we don't get the pleasure of their company much except Holidays or special occasions. (or when Rissa is having a bad time and we have to keep her for a few days, since they both work and don't have a babysitter near by)
Our Rissa is a special little Angel, she is extremely smart makes very good grades and very talented..she learns quickly.....but she also has ADHD and OCD. She did great in school the first of the year...after they returned to school from the Holidays, she had a small adjustment problem, anyone who has a child with ADHD and OCD know they do not adjust to changes very well. She did not take to having the furniture moved around and someone else in "Her" desk, now to an average person all desks look a like and serve the same purpose, right? Right, but not to someone with OCD, her chair was her chair and she knew it from all the others, even though it was moved across the room to someone elses spot. Needless to say she would not accept this little boy in her chair and she pushed him out, kicked him and tried to drag the chair back to her spot...she became quite irritated and aggressive and would not do what the teacher told her to do and was very disruptive of the whole class, a behavior we do not except nor does the school so she was sent home for a week, Just the little item of someone else in her chair threw her whole world off and she couldn't handle it. So back to the Dr she went. Too make a long story short she spent several weeks with me, she was sent home for several days and when she went back she refused to do any class work so home she came again and back to her behavioral specialist., they have adjusted her meds and also working on a new program of good behaviour, rewards, bad behavior punishment.
For the last 3 weeks she has been doing good and she is working so hard, that she was rewarded with a new skate board, one she has been wanting for awhile, but had to earn. Right now she is doing good, but we are always holding our breath waiting for the other shoe to drop....waiting for something not right in her world, to set her off.
Middle boy decided to take Sat off from working around the house and just come down and visit with his Daddy and I, we Bar-B-Q chicken and just had a good time sitting around and talking, MinMin, Rissa and I went to several junk stores...yep they are junkers then we went to Saves-Alot grocery store, where MinMin bought groceries, for 79.00 she got enough groceries for 2 weeks, she was tickled to death, you can find lots of good buys there, since they don't have a Saves-Alot in Richland or Jackson, she said she would probably come down every 2 weeks or so to stock up.
I took some pictures of my skate place to skate here but in the house, now I'm here to tell you my boys would never have gotten away with skating in the house...but Grands are just
Of course since she had been so good, I found her a cute Barbie make-up kit for her reward/Valentines day...she's not allowed candy so she was just as happy with this or happier...I also gave her the cute kitten frame I showed the other day. She couldn't wait to get home and put Bella's picture in it.
Now Chi-Chi is not too sure she likes this skate board thing in her house...
she decided to bury herself under her Sponge Bob blanket..
Well can't a girl get any quite time around here..jeez...go home already.
They finally went home and Chi Chi got some rest, until tomorrow night when Mo-Mo is coming to spend the night. She really hides from her. MoMo loves toting her puppies around and the Queen doesn't want to be touched....Bwahahaha
It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day here in Central Mississippi, hope it is nice where you are.
If things go as planned Dear Sis and I are going to the Natchez Spring Pilgrimage next Tues. I will be sure and take my camera...I feel a picture post of the old homes coming soon.


  1. Molly I have been up since 3:00 am it is now 5:30 and I gave up on the sleep too!

    Your granddaughter is beautiful. I have suffered with OCD since I was child. It can get better but it is a hard thing to live with sometimes. To be ADHD on top of it would be a struggle. You are a good grandma! Things will get better for her I am sure - it's all about learning to live with it and deal with it on a daily basis!

    Love the skateboard pictures :D

  2. Well usually I manage 6 to 8 hours. Depends on how tired I am. Except somewhere between 3 and 4 I have to get up to go take care of bizness.

    But on nights like last night was asleep by 8PM and my eyes were wide open at 4AM. Got on up and did some kitchen work, piddled with my crafts, fixed breakfast, fed cats and came on into work.

    Your diva sounds like a handful and it's great that she has such a wonderful granny that's there to help in difficult times. Chi Chi is just so cute I could squeeze her BIG!

    Have fun on your Natchez trip.

  3. Great reading today! You are sounding like such a fun grammy! Skateboarding in the house! WOW! And love the pics of Chi-Chi in her Sponge Bob Stole! Adorable!

  4. Oh Molly, how sweet she is! She looks like a doll. You are her grace - a place she can come too when life gets rough. I like her skateboard but tell her to be careful, wear pads, and a helmet!

    You know my grandson has SPD - sensory processing disorder - where his senses are eschewed.

    We picked him up from school yesterday - crying hysterically - from a toothache. We called the dentist and they asked if we could come in the next day and when they heard him scream in pain they said to bring him in immediately.

    He cried the whole time to the dentist and at the dentist. When they bought him back - they found out that he had a cracked tooth and within that tooth a cavity.

    Well you don't think they could work on him like that do you? They gave him laughing gas (?). He did fine then . . .

    Come home and the after affects were horrible - he was nervous, disorientated, headache, and just was uncomfortable until 11pm last night.

    He can't do it without the gas and with the gas he got so messed up.

    So even if it is a different issue - I do understand. Our grandma's hearts just go to them.


  5. Molly I could sleep like a log if I weren't woken up every 20 minutes by SOME ANIMAL wanting IN or OUT.

    As to Rissa, I could take my flail to that teacher. I know Rissa has to understand about controlling behavior, but my gosh, there are easy ways to avoid upsetting an OCD child in certain situations (such as making sure they have their things and not switching stuff around on them without them getting to be a PART of it and feeling in control), and when I was lucky enough to teach, I made sure to stand up for my special ed kiddos.

    She just needs some age on her. You know I pulled my own son out of school and homeschooled him (talk about OCD), which is one reason I got blacklisted in this district...*sigh*...they don't take kindly to homeschoolers.


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