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Molly's Country Memories

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Morning

I just wanted to stop by and tell all my friends that I maybe missing in action for a little while longer.
First....I am really getting in my yard and reworking flowerbed and cleaning up The 2 Acre Woods...
 wish I had Pooh Bear and the gang to help me..
I have been unable to do much in it for several years, over 10 to be exact..just a little here and a little there and it looks like ...well let's just say a big empty spot with a house on the back side. I am now able ( due to losing all that weight... still got more to go) to do so much more without giving out or having to set down every 5 mins to breath. I plan to work one area at a time. Don't know how much I'll get done this year, everything is so expensive...but at least I'm getting my front flower bed and around my patio fixed this year and maybe will get more done in the fall. I will show pictures when I get a chance.
Secondly...I will be helping with my 2 Grands that live close to me for awhile, Their Mom has gone to work full time..well... averages 40 +hrs, but 3 part time jobs. She is a Beautican and works 2 days a week there, then she took on the Secretary's job at the Church that is Tues, Weds and Thurs from 8-12, then she is working as a Secreatry at the Funeral Home as needed to fill in for the lady who works there on week-ends.
Busy lady, but with the Economy like it is, she had to add more income, Most of her Customers have been with her for over 25 yrs and some where pretty old when she started, so they are either passing away or too old to come regularly. She decided to do another line of work, she is just tired of doing hair. She's having alot of trouble with her shoulders, not good when you have to have your arms raised all day. So please keep her in your prayers.
Also please pray for her Daddy he was hospitalized Yesterday with a stroke and they are really worried about him. Pray for his speedy recover.
Got to run talk at you later, will visit my blog friends tonight, love y'all.
Have I told you lately how very much I appricate your support and friendship..If I haven't I'm telling you now.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Daddy. The Grands Mom is one busy lady.

    Good going on the weight loss and getting back into the yard.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. An older neighbor lady has just stopped doing hair, too, for most of "Old Midland." Her customers are so down about it...she did their hair from their weddings to now, in time for the funerals of so many friends. *sigh* Things change, things change. Sorry to hear of her dad's stroke.

    You have such a pretty yard...I know, you see it differently...but to my eyes, it's gorgeous.

  3. There certainly is a lot happening with you and your family. Have fun working in your yard. That can be so much fun, but, expensive, when you go to add mulch and other necessaries!

  4. Good for you on the weight loss. Such an accomplishment. It must feel so good to get outside working in the yard. It's still a little too cool and wet here, but I'm looking forward to it, too.
    Thoughts and prayers to your DIL and her Daddy.

  5. My much going on. Strains on families in so many ways. Bet you feel like a new gal losing all the weight. You've given yourself a new lease on life!! Love the header shot of the poppy. Beautiful.

  6. I'm glad that you lost the weight and you can get up and around, but I will miss seeing you in the blog world. I bet your yard will look just awesome. Sorry about your DIL dad and I'll be saying prayers here in Georgia.



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