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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pink Saturday....great finds...

It's time for Pink Saturday. with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and I signed up to show my pinks ...
Good morning Ladies, I'm so sorry I'm running late getting this posted, but things happen and life gets in the way sometimes.
Yesterday, when I went to get my hair fixed, my DIL asked me if I could pick Redman up from school, it was the last day before Spring Break and he had texted her that he was the only one in his class that had come in, he is in the 7th grade and you know that it's so uncool to be the only, as he put it "geek" to show Granny goes to check him out...I picked him up about 8:30 and of course he was hungry so off we went to Dude's..I posted about them on Rednesday, the best biscuits in town. On our way we passed a yard sale, and I spotted a teapot, I wanted to stop but CM was sooo hungry, plus he thought he'd die of embarrassment if I stopped, so we went on to Dude's which was only a few blocks from the yard sale and I got his breakfast, and told him, I'm going back you can set in the car, well ladies let me tell you I made a convert out of him, he is now wanting to come to Granny's on the week-end and find more garage sales. He got out and guess he'd look around..he bought 4 gifts for only .50 cents each $2.00 whole dollars.
A wooden cup for himself, a blue vase for his Mom, a wolf figure for his Dad and a stuffed lion for his Sister Moo-Moo.

 And I found a cute little white teapot for .50 cents, everything there was .50 except the next 4 items and they were .25 cents each so I got all 4 of them for a dollar and this is were my pinks come in...can you believe anyone would sale these for .25 cents..I can since it was a MAN cleaning out his Ex-wife's, as he called it junk...After 38 yrs she told him she just wasn't happy and left, said she didn't want anything that was left in the house....I grabbed them...before another lady standing there could..yea, Me....

Wait for it

it's coming

here they are

Can you believe it????
Aren't they great, just check out the beautiful hand work..
  There are a few stains on a couple of them, but if I can't get them out, that's fine. It just shows they were lovely used.
Last but not least I got this Candle Wick Pillow for .50 cents..
 You really have to enlarge these to see the beautiful work this lady did.
Hope y'all have a great Pink Sat.


  1. What a cute story! Yep, it only takes one good sale to make a convert!! Love all your's and Redman's goodies!

    Happy PINK Saturday!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  2. You were blessed to get those pieces.

  3. You are such a great grandmother teaching him to look different things.

    My grandmother used to make pillowcases like that.

    Pink Saturday to you too!


  4. Happy Pink Saturday! Love all the beautiful embroidery! Hope you are having a great weekend! Sherri : )

  5. Very nice and what a great yard sale - some of them are way expensive. Happy late Pink Saturday!

  6. Great finds. Luv that needlework.

    How did the Ag garage sale go?


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