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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finding Beauty..Richmond

Weds my Sister and I went to Natchez to the Spring Pilgrimage, we wanted to visit Richmond, an old home that Sis's Son, who is a contractor in Natchez, has been working on for a year.   There is still a lot of work to be done on the inside, but it is a very beautiful home.
Built ca. 1784-1832-1860, Gvt. Fleet Rd.
Built in three stages, this house features handsome woodwork and original furnishings. Its architecture represents three periods of Natchez history: French Plantation, (the original home built by a French trader who married a Natchez Indian lady) built in 1784. When John Marshall bought the house in 1832, he added the Greek Revival addition to make the home a little more refined, In 1860 the Colonial section was added mainly for bedrooms, but before he could finish it the War broke out and since Mr Marshall own a home in New York, he went there till the war was over, leaving his mother in Natchez at Richmond....
This home has remained in the John Shelby Marshall family since 1832. You can read more about Richmond here
I wanted to make pictures of the inside, but no one was allowed to do that, but Mrs. Mall told me I could take all of the pictures I'd like outside.
I put all the pictures I took in a slide show for your enjoyment..
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I'm linking this post to "Friday Finding Beauty" event on Claudia's blog Dipity Road. Today all the participating blogs can post whatever they like on their blog that touched them in some way and made them feel, see, or appreciate a moment of beauty in their lives.
I believe beauty is anything that makes you smile or warms your heart.


  1. Now I REALLY want to see the inside!!! LOL

    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Gorgeous home - they sure don't make them like they used to.

    It looked like you had beautiful weather. And how nice to have a sister that close. Wish I did.


  3. Molly, in all the times we've been to Natchez, we've never toured Richmond, and I enjoyed your slide show very much. I especially love those gorgeous iron window boxes with the shutters.

    I enjoyed "Amazing Grace" playing in the background too. Very nicely done!

  4. Howdy Molly
    OMG !!!!!!!!!
    Now I have to see the inside :)
    Thank you sweet lady for sharing your blessings of beauty with us today .
    Thank you also to Dipity Road for hosting this great idea for Fridays event .
    I can't even tell you how much this touched my heart today there are really no words to tell you how much I enjoyed your slide show .
    Simply know that I appreciate your definition of beauty with all my heart :)
    Big Texas Hugs to you and yours !
    Happy Trails

  5. Thanks y'all. I really enjoyed the tour, I wish I could have taken pictures of the inside. It was so original, not really glamorous and frilly, just homey and elegant.
    I thought Amazing Grace was so old south and just perfect for the slide show. and the birds were singing so sweetly while we were there that this song fit just right to me.

  6. Amazing. My parents have been to Natchez and LOVED every home. My mind started imagining people standing on the porches, around the home...what life might have been like. Wonderful.

  7. That's a beautiful place! I've only been to Natchez once and loved it. I know ya'll had a good time there.

    Happy weekend!

  8. Wish you could have pics of the inside - that was beautiful, and great that so much was original. The railings and iron detail was striking - can't find anything like it today, I'm sure!

  9. I loved going to Natchez and seeing the homes, and that funny mammy diner...and of course, YOUR stompin' ground, Natchez Under the

  10. What a beautiful house and a wonderful history. Great slide show!

  11. Great slideshow of a really interesting looking place! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Linda

  12. Hi Molly-- working my hinnie off to get everything mailed today :)

    Awesome home... and like the others wish there were inside shots!

    Thanks always for being there ;)



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