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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuesday Show and Tail..learning to milk...

It's time for Show and Tail Tuesday over at Angela's place West Virgina Treasures stop by and check out her wonderful Meme about animals...
And guess what I'm not going to talk about my silly little dog today..I let her have a week to didn't chase her with my camera.
Last Fri Baby Girl and I went to a friends horse ranch, and BG got to ride horses, and also got to learn to milk, she was so excited...Donna the lady who owns the Ranch Graduated with my oldest son and has always loved horse and said that one day she'd own her own place and she sure did...she is very patient and kind to little ones, and teaches them what to do and why.
After they rode awhile, (I was following on the 4 wheeler) she asked BG if she would like to milk a cow, oh my Lord, did she say yes so fast Donna had to we headed to 1 of the 4 barns on the place..
and this is what greeted us, aren't they the cutest things. The cute little girl is Donna's Granddaughter she's 3 and has been riding since she was 1 yr old..
 Donna's DIL showed BG how to milk..
 Then BG tried on here own.
 They even let her taste the milk, didn't like it, said she preferred store bought
The silly dog waited his turn for the milk to be squirted into his mouth...

 If you look close you'll see a stream of milk and Donna's GD caught it in her was such a little growny thing.
one of the other dogs, she had 6, waiting patiently for us to start the ride again...
Uh-Oh the I stepped in crap look..oh well, things like that happen on a City girl didn't like it...
 She was wanting to take it home... 
Then they all said good-bye to the cows and moved was hard for little bit to climb up on the horse, her legs was just a little to short, but she was determined to do it alone.
Well that's about it for tonight, I would love to return to the Ranch one day soon and take MoMo as she also loves horses. She was in Fl this past week for Spring Break and didn't get to go with us.
Hope you have a great week, I will be headed to the Natchez Pilgramage tomorrow with my Sis, hope I can take some good pictures to show you.


  1. What a pleasant visit to the "farm". That horse looks like the one I had as a child!...:)JP

  2. What a fun day for everyone! Milking is harder than it looks - I tried it one time and my hand wore out before I could get the milk started. So glad you had such a great day. Ann

  3. What a fun post.Your granddaughter is so cute, looks like she will be very comfortable living in a farm.....Christine

  4. I think I know your friend.

    Neat, I want a cow. But, am going to have to wait until we retire.

  5. Looks like they had a wonderful time down at the farm and learned some things too!

  6. That's something I've never done - I'm not sure if I'd find it fun or not!

  7. That is just wonderful Molly! Such a great adventure for you and your grand daughter. I'm sure she will remember that forever. Great pictures! Your son's friend from school has a very nice set up there too. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us this week!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  8. What fun memories, Molly ... and you captured them beautifully. I can't wait to see your Natchez pictures. I'm sure it's glorious with everything blooming now.

  9. Super Memory-making, Molly!

    I was five when I "learned" to milk---and the cow seemed SO much bigger. I'd sneak out to the lot when Mammaw was busy, and take a pint jar, which I'd hold in my left hand, while I head-butted Ole Boss up against the shed, and tried to direct the stream into the jar.

    I don't remember much success, but I DO remember those times.

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