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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Simple Pleasures Thursday

Project Simple Pleasures2
Today I am joining  A Collection of this and That for Simple Pleasures Thursday.
Today as I was thinking about all my simple pleasures, 1 can to mind, that I feel I have taken for granted, maybe not really taken for granted but always felt it would be here, that is the simple pleasure of sight. As you know I am having problems with mine. Some days it is good others it is not so good and I worry what will I do if I can't see the beauty God has placed around me. I know he will provide and I will be fine but I pray I will never lose the ablitiy to capture his beauty with my camera.
So today my simple pleasure is the pleasure of seeing God's beautiful world and capturing it on film for others to enjoy.
Here are a few I have managed to capture this past week. That I always want to see...
 The beauty of my oldest GD playing Soccer
 Turtles lined up in the lake near our home.

Turtle on a log near the soccer field Sat.
Peach blossoms on my tree near my Blue Bird houses
 the beautiful face of my youngest Grandchild...
Hope you will have a wonderful week end. And remember never take any gift God gives you for granted. Always look around and enjoy his Beautiful world.
And again if I don't get by to visit please forgive me and know I am thinking of each and everyone of you, my Dear Friends. Will be back as soon as I can.


  1. Amen dear Molly, Amen. I loved the sights that you captured. I feel the same way about my hearing that you do about your sight. I think when we fear we'll lose it, all that beauty that is wrapped up in that simple sense is magnified for us.

    A wonderful simple pleasure this week, and that's an awesome action shot of the soccer kick!

  2. Amen and I love your life's canvas - what's in it and what's important, and for all the colors. I hope your eyes get better Molly.


  3. Yes and yes...I so totally agree...these are wonderful simple pleasure and such a wonderful reminder to not take it for grant it...oh, my, may I not! Thanks for sharing your simple pleasure as I enjoy baseball this weekend with my son I will remember!

  4. I'm envious of the warmer weather where you are! These are delightful simple pleasures...colorful ones, too!

  5. I know we are at that age too where Don is seeing the Retinologist and we both see the Opthalmologists and have some problems they are watching. Hopefully, we can keep things at a minimum but it always is a concern. I love to see your beautiful photos so I hope you won't have any major problems.

  6. beautiful shots....all of the them and your granddgt...beautiful

  7. Beautiful reminders - yes; I totally agree we need to treasure each simple pleasure. We never know what tomorrow holds - but we know who holds tomorrow.

  8. Great post, wonderful simple pleasures. In the end it all comes down to family and good friends. I hope your eyes recover quickly.

  9. Molly, this is lovely!
    And you are so right.
    Sometimes we do take things for granted..such as our sight.
    God bless you and I pray your eyes strengthen and heal, so you can continue to see the all the beautiful blessings of God around you.

  10. What wonderful simple pleasures. All such gifts indeed.


  11. Molly, being able to see is certainly right at the top of the Simple Pleasures list for me. It's a blessing and I pray your vision steadily improves. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. The first one is my favorite.

  12. I completely agree, there is so much beauty in the world the thought of not being able to enjoy it is unimaginable. Tanks for the reminder to count one's blessings. Your photos are lovely.


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