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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Show and Tail Tuesday..Oh No he didn't

OK first let me say I had my Eye Dr appointment yesterday and got some good news and some bad..Good news....first even though I do have cataracts, they are not causing enough problems to warrent surgery yet. The bad news is though I have a problem that is quite common, my psoriasis is causing it too be more severe than normal. He said my eyes look like very course sand paper and that I do not make my own I will have to use drops at least 12-15 times aday and use a sauve every morning and night..Lord how I hate to follow a routine everyday like that. BUT I thank our Dear Lord that it is not any worse than that. And that it can be treated by simply doing all of this. I will still have times when the light and wind cause me to have to back away from the computer or shape light sources but at least it is not totally sight threatening. SO WE MOVE ALONG AND CONTINUE WITH LIFE.....
It's time for Show and Tail Tuesday over at Angela's place West Virgina Treasures stop by and check her out.

Today I have a little story to tell in pictures, last week I was sitting at my favorite spot, my bedroom window over looking the pasture and my bird feeder when I noticed a single little Dove trying to eat seed from the ground under the feeder, I say trying cause poor thing was met with a hail of squalks and flapping wings...
I have counted as many as 20 Red Bird on this side of the yard in the big tree and around the feeder, they really won't let any other birds get near the feeder any more. They are so mean, pretty but even show me disrespect when they catch me watching took this set of pictures right after watching them run the Dove off, one female noticed me watching them and just stared at me, then she chripped to the male who was setting on the feeder what he did to me..."oh no he didn't"

LOL, Momma bird forgot to tell him you don't disrespect the hand that feeds you.
Hope you have a bright and beautiful day, and remember to watch those birds, you never know what you will see.


  1. Guess he told post and glad you doctors appt went better than you feared.

  2. Those red birds are mean.

    That dove is bigger than they are, maybe it should have body slammed one or two. Then they would have left him alone.

    Sorry to hear about your eyes.

  3. Love it Molly! Oh yes he did tell you! He shook his tail feather at you didn't he! lol That poor dove. Looks like even the birds will pick on the other birds they don't like!

    I have dry eyes Molly and have to put drops in twice a day. My eyes feel like sand paper to me if I forget to do it. Once you get used to your eyes feeling good from doing the drops you will make sure that you put them in. My doctor gave me Restasis. When he first put me on it I had to put some other drops in a few times a day for a week and then switch over to the Restasis. It really makes a big difference.

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  4. I guess when you are that pretty you can do almost anything you like.

  5. So true! Love those little birds. Feel for the poor Dove tho.

  6. That CHEEKY bird (so to speak)!

    You DO have some adventures without leaving your chair. I LOVE my cardinals in the garden every year, but perhaps it's because I don't see their true colors sometimes. I especially love to watch them dance and bathe in the sprinkler.

  7. LOL! I see what you mean by beautiful but nasty!

    I too have dry eyes and use drops. Angela is so right!

  8. I'm glad that your eyes can be treated. That's a blessing! And your birds...I've never seen such bossy Cardinals!...:)JP

  9. I know that must be hard on you to have to follow a strict routine, but hopefully it will be better then you think.

    And those birds sure did give the dove a hard time!


  10. I have discovered a new found love for Robins since there are so many here. The Mourning Doves stop by as well and find things on the neighbor has a bird feeding station that attracts all sorts of feathered friends, including Woodpeckers and of course, the tenacious Mockingbirds...I purchased a Bird Book in hopes to identify more of them! Thanks for the lovely photos! I enjoyed this post!

  11. Some birds are really mean aren;t they? Great shots you have here.


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