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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Show and Tail Tuesday

It's time for Show and Tail Tuesday over at Angela's place West Virgina Treasures stop by and check her out her wonderful Meme about animals...
I guess you are going to say "not that silly little dog again, but I can't help it she's so funny at times. DH calls her the Ice Princess, cause she just thinks she's too good to have her picture made and just doesn't want you bothering her when she is stretched out in her special sun week I found her laying on the rug against her momma's shoes, with her Buddy laying on the other side of the door soaking up the rays. When I got my camera ...well just look at her reaction..silly girl
She gave me her cold, get that camera out of my face look...
She has that "can't you see I'm trying to relax in the sun, here." look and gives me the evil eye..,
 OK enough is enough I'm headed to my bed, Please let me pass".

OK, that's fine I'll just follow you to your bed"..Say's I..."

Can't you leave me alone, I'm TRYING TO SLEEP
fine I'll just turn my back to you and the ICE PRINCESS drifts off to sleep, totally disrespecting her Momma.
Well now she has made me sleepy just chasing her around. I think I'm going to go lay down in the sun and take a nap.
Hope you all have a great Tuesday.


  1. I just love the expressions on her face! Animals teach us so much...:)JP

  2. How cute - you gotta love those expressions!

  3. I think I will curl up in the sun today as well. I love her non-chalance and "I want to be alone" attitude. Can't get tired of looking at that sweet face! Ann

  4. She sure communicates well for a nontalking's all in the body language.

  5. Adorable and I think she told you! No sun here today to nap! sandie

  6. The ice princess is beautiful and love the light coming in through the window ..she's beautiful.

  7. Your pictures were great...I can never get Daisy to smile for the camera either. I think they see that little light on it and shy away. We'll keep trying won't we.

  8. I know I've said it before but I just love her little gray face! They do love those sun spots don't they! Great pictures Molly!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  9. This is a great pup! What an expressive little face she has! Hee Hee! Giving you the evil eye! Love it!


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