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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Today I'm joining Smiling Sally for Blue Monday..please join her here for more BLUES. 2 weeks ago, I told you about Baby girl being Baptized and having her first Holy Communion..Well our whole family was there to celebrate with her...and several of us wore Blue..
After the service was over, the whole family and Baby Girl's God Parents went to a Restaurant that Baby Girl picked out, ..An Italian place called BRAVO!, there were 19 of us. Thank Goodness Mindy had called in advance and let them know we were coming, we still had to wait 35 minutes for an area big enough for us all.
I just loved this shot, Redman loved the flavored oil with his bread or as Keifer said, he loved a little bread with his's all he ate, look at Keifer's expression as he is checking him out (notice the beautiful BLUE shirt, Redman had on)
Redman's Mom and Dad was also checking him out..Baby Girl's God Father was wearing a nice blue shirt
Baby Boy and TT also had on was still a little nippy so TT had on a denim jacket over her blue dress.
and last but not least, really not DH and I, I was also wearing can tell DH was really excited about having his picture made or could it be he was getting hungry,
we got there at 12:30 and it was 2:45 before we were served our was a nice place and the food was very good, for the price it should have been, but the serve was extremely slow. Our waiter was fantastic. All in all we had a wonderful time just laughing and sharing the evening with family and good friends and it was the perfect end to a very Special day for our Baby Girl...
Hope you all have a special week and Blue skies over head.


  1. Hi, I came from Blue Monday. I like the family theme. Happy Communion to the girl! Have a great week ahead :)

  2. What wonderful photos and I love when all the family can get together like that.

  3. Great pictures, Molly. I'd love a restaurant like that.

    Congratulations to baby girl for her good decision to follow God.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday, Molly.

  4. Never eaten there....but, with that wait, my hubby would have already made me leave.

  5. Great pictures of your family and what a nice family it is - so great to see a picture of you and hubby - you are beautiful! Congrats for the celebration and baptism. Love, sandie

  6. I'm glad you had a good time - too bad it took so long for the food, but at least you had each other to keep company. It probably would have not worked for just one or two people.

    I never forget my first Holy Communion! It was indeed a very special day!

  7. Gorgeous family gathering!

    !Hope you can visit my My Blue Monday

  8. What a fabulous family day for you all commemorating your grandgirls communion.
    This, is what family is all about!


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