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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blue Monday & Marco Monday

It's Monday again folks can you believe it, this past week has just flown by and has been sure a busy one for me, Monday was my grocery shopping day and it usually takes me several hours as I have started couponing and have several places to go. Then Monday evening Middle Boy brought Rissa down to spend the week for Spring break. Tuesday She and I went shopping and then did a little junkin'. Wednesday she and I had a photo shot at different spots in Down Town Brookhaven,
Even though I took well over 100 pictures I won't bore you, but with my 2 favorite ones.. 
This was my favorite of all the shots I took, She looks so much older than she really is, but then she has always acted older than she is.
Later that evening, I met a friend of mine who had asked me to take pictures of her 2 children, here are a few of the ones I did for her that I like, it was Lane her son's 13 th Birthday...
We spend all evening in town and I was exhausted. Thurs morning around 6 o'clock my DH woke me up and asked me to take him to the emergency room, his head was busting and his blood pressure went sky high, they worked for 5 hrs trying to get it stabilized and finally around 1 o'clock we left with another new blood pressure pill and instructions to go see our Dr who in turn made him an appointment in Jackson with a Specialist. When the Hospital ran his CT scan they found something they didn't like. He has been resting and is doing good, he also decided it was time for him to take their advice and cut back on his food intake. Next week will be spent in DR offices..sigh..BUT, If all goes well I will go to the Natchez Pilgrimage Tues. in between Dr visits.
Fri. I took Rissa to a friend's Horse Ranch to ride for a little while, NO, I didn't ride horses but I did follow them on the 4 wheeler and we had 3 hrs of a beautiful fun filled but tiring day...

She had so much fun riding, but more about that in another post. Last night was the night of the supermoon, so I was headed out side to take a picture when I noticed something on the door..awww, isn't he cute?
 and yes I did get a shot of the was just beautiful...
I am going to join Blue Monday and Marco Monday..Hope you noticed the blue door and the blue sky and jeans in the riding Marco picture is the frog and the moon. I think I got kinda up close and personal with them both.
I hope you all have a Blessed week and if you would please mention my Hubby when you talk to the Good Lord tonight.


  1. Thanks for sharing your blue sky shot. Clearly, you are an artist with a camera.

    Happy Blue Monday, Molly.

  2. What a weekend, Molly!! Beautiful weather and gorgeous pictures and time with Your Girl.

    I send my very best thoughts and prayers for your DH---the miracle of Blood Pressure medicine just amazes me. How that teeny little pill can just keep our bodies in sync and our health right.

    And good thoughts for your full, activity-filled week.


  3. So pretty shots..Happy blue Monday.

  4. Great pictures!

    I'm glad ya'll had a good Spring Break.

  5. Oh Molly your pictures are always so wonderful. Your granddaughter is beautiful.

    I hope your hubby is okay - what do you think they thought it was?

    Wasn't that moon something else?


  6. Beautiful shot, and you took a great shot of the super moon too

    My Blue Monday|I Spy

  7. Love your shot of the moon, it was cloudy here so we didn't have a view. Blessings to you and your hubby. He will be in my prayers.

  8. Everything is beautiful! I love your shots. Very nice and the moon was awesome! Mine is up - My Blue Monday


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