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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Take me out to the Ball Game, take me out with the crowd...

Take me out to the Ball Game, well it's that time of year again..I love the sounds of the Ball Field, the smell of the burgers on the grill and the crack of the bat...ahhh that my favorite sound in all the world.....
I so enjoyed following Baby Boy

and Keiferman
 around from school to school and watching them play ball. But time has a way of changing and little boys grow up and move on, Baby Boy to Radiology school and then to the Hospital to work, and Keiferman is in his 2d year of Pre-Nursing, it is so hard to get in a class, so he keeps taking different classes he'll need to complete his classes and get his degree. Where does the time go.
Well all is not lost, my Redman is 12 and this is his 3 year to play, so of Course Granny is following him from field to field...wait woo not yet..he's playing Little League this year he starts playing for 7th grade Jr High Team..then I'll follow him around.....when does the time go, playing for the school so soon.
But until next year, he's still my little boy playing little League and I have time to just enjoy the games. I don't know how many remember that Redman fell ( was pushed) down a flight of stairs at the school and broke his wrist..we were so afraid he was going to have to miss this years season, but Thank Havens, he only had to wear the cast for 5 weeks and a brace when he's not playing, yep he is getting to play...not much right now, his Coach is taking care of him and letting him play every other inning. They played last night and I got some good pictures of him so I thought I'd share them with you...
 Woo, what kind of call was that????
 I don't like sitting on this bench..or as he would say, I don't like to ride the pine...
 Ahhh Spring and the boys of Summer are warming up...


  1. Oh Molly - how are you today? Some of your kidlets are grown up - but how nice to still have some young ones! It looks to me like you like baseball.


  2. Ahhh Yes it is definately baseball season. In Idaho that means wind and cold and bundling up!
    We've been doing baseball with our boys for the past 18 years - lots and lots of baseball. This year we only have on in. My son Taylor is playing for his High School team this year. His game got cancelled today because of massive rain - Blahhhh I was looking forward to it too.
    All your "boys" look like great ball players - I love your pictures! Have you ever noticed that baseball is one of the most fun sports to photograph?
    I like the "riding the pine" - ha ha - that is cute!
    Have fun watching your Redman!

  3. Baseball season is upon us. I'm glad you are getting to see Redman play. And we have had some wonderful weather for baseball games.

  4. I love your enthusiasm for the children's interests, and the way you follow them---nice. You know, we didn't have a baseball team in our little town, but when I was a teen, we went to EVERY game, football and basketball, home and away. Even my Mother, who didn't ever seem enthusiastic about ANYTHING, went along and sat with the other Moms while Daddy walked the sidelines with the bellowing, proud Dads, though with only us two girls, Daddy didn't "have anyone on the field."

    We've been to several Indians games since we've lived here, and there's a special magic to the anticipation as the seats fill, and the sky changes toward evening, and the scent of pine and beer and hot dogs fill the air.

    You have quite a nice gallery of photos of your #1 Player!

  5. Howdy Molly
    Ahhhhh the sound of spring time and the crack of a bat are two sounds that will always go together !
    Thank you so much for sharing all the great photos today.
    My the years go by fast.
    Thank you so much for visitig my blog so often.
    I'm still taking care of Mom we are off to the Dr's. in about an hour .
    Big hugs and keep those photos coming .
    Loved your post today.
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  6. Glad his wrist is allowing him to play. Good luck to his team this year!

  7. Hi Molly!

    Ahhhhh....what a sweet post. And, such adorable little kidlets too!



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