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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am connecting to Pink Sat... with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound
"I'm late, I'm late. For a very important date. No time to say hello. Goodbye. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late."
These words by the White Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland couldn't be more true than they are for me today. I have been so busy, and having trouble getting my pictures to post for my Pink Sat post and I did tell Sweet Bev I was going to...So here it is.
I have been working and sometimes when I shouldn't be to get my 2 acre woods cleaned and ready for Spring. I have done alot but have tons left to do, I cut the yard this morning and moved my Bird Bath into my day lily bed and twitted a few more thing...So I decided to share some pictures of my 2 acre woods...
Remember our house is 40 yrs old and I'm still not through with the flowerbeds..
Be sure and click on pictures to get a better look...
This shot was taken about 3/4 of the way to the road in my front yard...
This is of the right side of my house, that is were I made my new flower bed for my knockout roses and my Jasmine vines with some special day lilies.
This is looking toward the pasture side of the house...
closer up of the left side...I want to do away with these old wore out hedges, but DH doesn't want to pull them bedroom is the last window and you can see my bird feeders that I took so many pictures of.
Large Pink azelias half way up into the yard...
my new Spring wreath with it's pretty pink bow...
my little arrangement on the front porch...
looking from my patio towards the back yard and the garden area...
small walk way from patio to driveway...and my new solar lights...
the side yard and arbor leading to front yard...need to do alot of work on this side...
added bird bath to my day lily bed...have a cute capel bird house to add to the post in back of bed...
looking toward patio from Grape arbor
looking toward the side yard and pasture from Grape arbor and garden area....
hope you enjoyed touring my little piece of Heaven in my 2 area in Central Mississippi


  1. Totally charming and inviting, Molly!! I'd love a stroll through your beautiful acres. I can just feel that Mississippi Spring breeze!

  2. Hi Molly! You have a lot to clean and work on but it looks very tranquil and relaxing. I posted about our MS bloggers luncheon get together. Please come and see and I hope you can join us!...Christine

  3. Molly, I understand cleaning several acres of "yard". I have three and when we moved here I made too many flower beds and now have to work like heck to keep them up.

    Yours is looking great.


  4. Molly, what a beautiful landscape. Your home looks so lovely, I would love to have all that acreage and flower beds. Also love the wreath on the front door.

  5. Molly,

    It was so nice stopping by Mississippi today. I posted late yesterday too. Your pink yard is beautiful. Truly looks like a slice of heaven! Stop by for some fun and maybe join my May Day swap (theme is anything flowers goes in any art form! I am new to blogland and am looking to build lasting friendships and followers!


  6. What a fantastic yard!! Lovely but I do not envy you when it comes to taking care of it!!


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