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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rerun Sunday

It's time again for Sunday Favorite Re-runs, a Meme hosted by Chari over @ happytodesign It is so much fun to go back and re-run some of my favorite post.
A Great Artist, fine Lady and Dear Friend
Trish McMurry
I want to introduce you to a dear friend that I met on line when I joined an art group 3 yrs ago . We became instant friends, she was my type of people and we hit it off from the start. I had the pleasure of her spending 2 days with me in May of 2007 when she passed this way to pick me up for a trip to meet some of the other ladies from our group, in Talidaga, AL. We were both hoarse before we got there and couldn't talk by the time we got back to my house. LOL...she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. What you see is what you get no put on or fakeness here at all. I was also very fortunate to spend the day with her at her home in Oct. of 2007, when my Hubby and I vacationed in Harrison, Arkansas. We made arrangements to spend the day and we both enjoyed her friendly hospitality. Let me tell you this woman can cook a mean pot of White beans with wild hog hock in it. I ate till I made myself ashamed.
Trish lives on a farm on Blue Ridge, in the beautiful hills of the Ozark Mountains in southwest Missouri. She is a great Christian lady. She's been drawing and painting almost all her life. Over the years she has worked in pencil, watercolor, oils, pastels and acrylics. Most of her art work is realism. She does her own patterns, and has sold patterns for awhile,.... all my Rooster and Chicken items where painted using her patterns, ....and if you asked I'm sure she will still have some available. She had to close her web site but still sales on Ebay She likes painting on many different surfaces, especially vintage items. Check out her Ebay items...
Here are a few of her paintings...

And here are some I am fortunate enough to own...

This is a metal tray that could be used but I prefer to keep it as art work. Brings back memories of the old days when you get hot you would run and jump in the

These 2 were bought for my Dear Hubby cause he remembers his Daddy plowing with a mule and loved Trish's work. The one with the Gentleman shoeing the mule was a sketch she did to do a painting by, when she did this in 1971 the Gentleman was in his 80's I believe Trish said and his Daughter wanted a painting done to hang in her home.

I bought this one for me, because they look just like the pair my Grandaddy had when he hauled freight by Mule team.
I hope you enjoyed meeting Trish, check her work out and to learn more about this fine lady check out her ME page on Ebay.


  1. Wow, what great artwork. She is a wonderful artist and it is great that you two became such great friends. I hope you get to see her soon.

  2. Isn't it a lovely bit of magic that we can "meet" so many lovely people every day! And to meet them in person---I've met only one of my online friends, but just this time last year, she and her husband came here for the weekend, and it was like sisters visiting.

    I'm so thankful for all the dear people who make up a network of interesting, talented, kind folks who enrich my days, and I know you have such a list, as well.

    You GO, and have a wonderful visit!!

  3. You really can get a good feel for people through the internet can't you. I have met some in person and they truly were just like their blogs.
    I love her artwork. Wow. I tole paint but almost always use a pattern. The artists amaze me.

  4. What a wonderful post about yor friend! I still completely amazes me how we are able to form wonderful friendhip with people we would normally never have met but, with the world so much smaller via internet, we can form some terrific friendships!

  5. Molly, thank you for sharing your sweet friend Trish with us. She is very talented and lucky to have you as a friend, too.

  6. Hi Molly...

    Ahhh...your friend Trish sounds like a very special lady indeed! It's just awesome that the two of you have had the chance to meet and spend time together! She certainly is a very, very talented artist...I just love her paintings!!! Love that beautiful vibrant color and the sweet country scenes that she uses for her subjects!!! I just giggled when I read about the two of you losing your voices after meeting! I recently had the grand opportunity of meeting my dearest and closest blog friend Gloria from Happy To Be blog. We spend four days together in Las Vegas...I had lost my voice by the time we were ready to leave as well! I just talked it completely out! Hehe! Isn't is amazing to meet such dear sweet friends via the internet/blogs? Molly, I hope that you and Trish are able to get together again!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this post about your dear friend Trish with us for Sunday Favorites this was a real pleasure to meet her!!! I really, really did enjoy seeing a few of her fabulous art pieces!!! I do apologize at being so late to get by but we had such beautiful weather yesterday! I ended up spending much of the day outside...just soaking up the sun! I guess that Spring fever got the best of me! Hehe!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. Great artist. Sounds like a really nice friend too!

  8. Trish sounds like a real gem in your life - so glad you have her!


  9. Nice to meet your buddy Trish! We have a famous mule artist up in Sandpoint (ID) named Bonnie Shields. Ask her if she knows Bonnie, as the mule artists seem to know one another.She has mules and is known as the Tennesee Mule Artist. She does cards for Leanin'Tree and painting and statues, etc. Patrick purchased a small bronze of "Muleten Burl" for me for our anniversary a few years ago. She has a great sense of humor.


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