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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wordless ants

Good morning Y'all it's wordless Wednesday again over at Dixie's place, but while Dixie is taking a break
Heather at Simply Heather has agreed to host it for her, be sure and tell Heather how much we appreciate her doing this for us.
Today's word BLOGGERS CHOICE my word
fire ants
Be sure and click on pictures for a better look....


  1. Oh my! They remind me of the winged termites in Michigan! Nasty little blighters!!! No other words FOR them!

  2. We even have them here, Molly. They have moved all the way across Texas and I'm afraid they will spread farther still. But the mounds do not get as big. But the bite and sting is still very painful!

  3. Girl I don't know if you have ever been stung by one but they hurt soooooo bad!

  4. Classy, they are so much worse than the termites. I hate to see the ones with wings cause that means they are getting ready to move to another area to form another colony. They are spreading every where. Penni this is a baby mound, formed around these fallen pears, we have had some that are as big as a large tractor tire in the pasture beside out house. The man who owns the land keeps it sprayed to try to control them, but it is almost impossible. It is extremely dangerous for a cow to drop a calf where they are, they can cover and sting the calf to death in matter of minutes.
    Susie Ohhhhh yes, I've been stung. It is one of the worst stings you can get. Burns like fire and doesn't stop itching for days. Will make a bad sore if you scratch too much.

  5. Hey Molly, I've never seen the winged ones in our yard. We spray them too. I hate them.

  6. Hard little workers, they are...and they are a nasty group~~get out the granules and the spray and!!!

    Happy WW, Miss Molly!


    ~Let Freedom Ring!~

  7. OMG never saw one before ... only heard about them in the movies! Guess they don't like the ocean ... thank heavens! Very Cool Wordless Wed Molly :)

  8. Well tomorrow is the big day .. good luck with the flooring :)

    I enjoyed today's entry ... love just to read "Outside my window..."

  9. I have heard of them, aren't they deadly? happy WW!


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