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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'm backkkkkk...but not for long..

Good morning Y'all I can't believe it's been a week since I last visited with all my friends. I have missed y'all, I returned Monday morning and brought my sweet Rissa home with me for a couple of days. We had such a great time, but it was so fast and it rained the whole trip. Not alot of shopping at Flea Markets or Goodwill, unfortunately the 2 ladies I went with were not into junking. They were look for bargains at the outlet malls. Booo.
I did find a couple of things at a store called Little Lot's...(we have a big Lot's here) 1 item is an item that everyone in blog land is buying...and it was only $ is so pretty. What ya think? Is it worth it?
I love it. I put one of my Willow Tree figurines under it for right now.
And this shirt that I fell in love with...hummm wonder
We did go to a place called Mountain Top Flea Market, that only opens on Sunday, yep only 1 day a week And it opens at 5:00 AM, NOOOOO, we wasn't up at 5 to be there, but when we did get there at about 9 it was busy even though it was pouring rain. Only problem is alot of the venders didn't open because it was outdoors. I didn't get to make many pictures there 1 because of the rain and 2 because the venders didn't act to happy to see cameras...wonder why?
it was really crappy weather.
Here are some pictures of the weather on the trip..these were made in Birmingham.
On the way to Gadsden we stopped at a Winery to kill a little time to give Kathy time to get to Gadsden at the same time we did, she was coming down from Johnson City, TN.
It was a small Winery called Will's Creek and they were having a wine tasting...but we just marched right on goodness we weren't the only ones.
The 2 lovely ladies I went with, my DIL on the right and her friend from work Sandra. The lake behind the Winery was full of Cypress knees. My mouth was watering, but at last I couldn't get any of them. (Up date...for those who don't know cypress knees paint up to some of the prettiest Santa's you can find).
When we got to the Hotel, my Rissa was ready to work, and full of smiles
Here we are packing the cars Sunday morning and swapping luggage from Kathy's vehicle to DIL's.
Momma and
The happy travelers saying good bye.
When we returned Monday, Rissa and I had to rest, we were both very tired.
Yesterday...Tuesday Rissa's Daddy, Ronnie had shoulder surgery for a torn rotary cup so we had to go back to Richland. He did real good but is in alot of pain. If it wasn't for bad luck that kid wouldn't have any.
He was playing soccer with Rissa and tripped on the ball falling and landing on his shoulder..ouch.
I promise to try and catch up with everyone as soon as possible
Guess what?...Aug the 6th is my Anniversary...47 a surprise my DH has decided to take me back to Gadsden, AL to start the Longest Yard Sale...we will be traveling on the 127 cariddor as far as we can toward KY where the flea market ends...yea, hundreds of miles of flea markets. We will be leaving tomorrow morning and returning sometimes Monday. I can't wait.
Sooo, I got to run and get everything ready to go.
Love y'all and miss y'all but I will be back.
Have a great week and week end.


  1. Okay. You've got to explain about "mouth watering" and "cyprus knees." Can you eat cyprus knees?

  2. We're going to have to call you Road Runner. We usually go on the 127 corridor sale. But, guess we will not be going this year. With hubby having to chase his money from all his customer's I don't want to spend any on non-essential hobbies at this time.

    Glad your other trip was safe and fun. Have a good time on this trip and hope you find lots of goodies.


  3. Molly,

    I wish you'd be up as far as Cincinnati on your trek this weekend---we hope to run over on Saturday to try out the Yard Sales.

    Also, I see a question about cypress knees above. I hope it's OK if I post a link to a picture and a little thing I posted about them.

    Have a FABulous weekend, and I can't wait to see all your treasures on Monday!!

  4. Fun time!!! Now what would you do with a cypress knee??? I wonder....

  5. Happy Anniversary!! I too love the shirt. So casual & country. Love it. SOunds like you all had a great time!

  6. Cypress knees! We had some for decorations. We used to make 'em sprout sometimes, too...

    I can't wait to see your post about The Longest Yard Sale! What a neat surprise! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Wow! Molly! How awesome to go to the Longest Yard Sale! Happy Anniversary! And what a sweet hubby you have there! (Be sure to catch up on your rest from your travel adventures, so that you go full steam ahead with your anniversary trip :o)

    Goodness, I sure do miss finding your wonderful comments at my place!!!! Have fun, but don't forget about me and come back and visit a spell!!!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  8. I love cypress knees!
    Oh you ol' gadabout! That rooster blouse is perfect for you!
    What fun days you've been having girl.

  9. Hey Miss ARE keeping the roads hot aren't you? That looks like alot of fun! And let me just say Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! 47 years is quite an accomplishment! My brother and I are giving my mom and dad a 50th wedding anniversary celebration on August 22nd. Ya'll are close!

    Have a great evening!

  10. You're going to the Longest Yard Sale...oh man am I jealous. I'd love to experience that someday. What a wonderful anniversary gift! Congrats on your 47 years!

    I love your cloche...and it was only $9.99!


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