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Molly's Country Memories

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Morning Blogland

Good morning Y'all, well I'm made it home about 1:30 Monday morning and I am still just pure exhausted.
We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves, but for us it was totally exhausting. The traffic was terrible, the roads small and unpassable in places. People would just walk right across the road in front of you were on pins and needles all the time. And the heat was just draining.
I'm sorry to say the sales were nothing like I remember them from 4 yrs ago. So many booths just had old clothes or trinkets from the $ stores. Or just pure junk.
We started in Gadsden, Al. and worked our way to Fort Payne were we spent the night. I only found 2 items up till then. When we got up we hit I 59 and went to Chatanooga and hit the sale, we went about 1 mile in 40 mins going up the steep curvy mountain and never got out of the car, traffic bumper to bumper, so we turned around and went back down the mountain and went farther north and rejoined the 127 flea market trail there.
I found a lot of my Hall's collectables after that, Mid TN and Kentucky had some nice sales.
Every year if we are traveling, usually in Oct around my Birthday, DH buys me a doll, he knows I love dolls...(just a child at heart) this year was no different, he bought me a nice life size little girl and we even found a desk for her to sit neat is this.
I didn't get to take too many pictures of the sales but will post some on another post.
Just wanted to check in and say hi. But got so much to do today, can't stay and chat long. Just so happy to be home. I love to travel, but can't wait to get home when I'm gone.
Hope everyone has a blessed day. 


  1. Sorry the sale wasn't better, but I'm sure it was just fun to get away.

  2. So glad you had a nice time and are safely home, love your doll !

  3. I'm glad yr home! I wonder if the bad economy helps explain why the sale wasn't as good this year. I notice our garage sales here are very junky now, no more cool stuff...hmmm...

    Love that big doll! Now the grandgirls are going to be amazed when they see that!!!

  4. Sorry the sale wasn't as good as you hoped for. I had my last horse show on Sat. and we fished all day on Sun. I thought I was gonna melt. Too hot.

  5. Okay, so I'm tired for you!! Too bad the sales were not better for you. It might have made being exhausted more worth the venture.

  6. Welcome home! It sounds like you two accumulated some miles :o)

    Love your big doll present and her little desk.

    I'm glad that you had time spent together, but wow! sure miss having you come and visit! Now, I know you're just settling back in...but when you're rested up...

    Come by some time and please let me know with a comment. I am excited about the upcoming Rooster party!

    Blessings & aloha!

  7. Well, I am reading these backwards so now i know why you said on thirsday that it was a bit disappointing. But the doll is very, very cool! welcome home :)


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