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Sunday, August 23, 2009

And the old is new again....

Hello, Hello, Hello, seems like I've been gone so long. Boy last week was a real experience. Starting off  I might have mentioned in passing that I got new flooring installed on Thurs., hip hoo ray...well the week was very busy and productive. We were a little worried because the Weatherman kept predicting rain all week 80-90 % chance Monday-Wednesday...30% Thurs.-Fri. well we were so relieved  when we received no rain at all the whole week...up until Thurs. the 30% chance turned to 100%. And boy did it rain...lucky they had got the old carpet out and in the truck and the new flooring under the car port before the rains came.
We had the living room and den full of stuff from the bedrooms and some furniture on the car port...thank goodness it wasn't a blowing rain...
First I want to tell y'all that this is linoleum flooring, it is the new kind that is thick and backed with fiber, and free floating, it does not glue down, and it is so comfortable to walk on. I would have loved the real hardwood but couldn't afford it.  The Guy who came to work on my internet thought it was the laminate planks and couldn't believe it was linoleum.
Here are a few pictures to show what we lived in for 2 days...
oh my, where did my couch go, I know it's got to be here some where.
the den is buried in STUFF
The den is there, but where
still no couch, it's buried under that ton of quilts....and bedding.
took some of the outside but can't find them, but believe me it was just a path from the back door to the drive way.
This is my paint room...loaded like the rest of the house
Be sure and click on pictures to get full view of them all.
BUT I think it was worth it
You remember the bath from yesterday post...
here's the finished product...
Doesn't it look so much better?
Next was the puter/guest room....
can't believe how dirty it is, I just shampooed it last month...Did I mention, I hate carpet
this is what was under the old carpet, I didn't know when they laid our carpet they left this junk under it, we put this in when it was built in 1970, the old carpet tiles...
now the new look......
Now the final room, our bed room, it is more designed for DH since I put my decor in the puter room, He love the guitar and has several, so they are in "his" room. We also still have to hook up the new DVD player and take out the old VCR. You can see it setting in the box on my quilts...
And that is my make over for a long time, next the living room and Den...shhhhh...don't tell
But next week or rather is next week already, I plan on tackling the carport and yard while it is cool down here.
Hope y'all have a great day and Thank God for this day he has given us.


  1. Wow! Your floors look gorgeous! I am with you on the carpet. I love having the carpet in winter but mostly they just get dirty and worn out.
    Congrats on the beautiful floors!

  2. Oh my goodness, look at those new floors! Only one word for them...GORGEOUS!

  3. How pretty! I love the new floors. They turned out just grand. You sure have something to be proud of.

    ~Mrs. M

  4. Molly, that flooring is beautiful. I'm so sorry that we didn't go that route, when we put in new carpet last May. Thump, my head!
    Next time for sure! Cleaning will be so much easier! Your entire home is being transformed, and the results are terrific! Oh...the plots and plans that a wife does, to her unsuspecting husband, eh?

  5. Your floors are gorgeous! I love the rich wood floors!

  6. It all looks wonderful! And I know that you are so thankful that it is all done and everything set back into place!

    Whew! You and DH deserve a bit of rest and relaxation :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Miss you at my place!

  7. Love the new floor Molly. You're going to enjoy it so much better than carpet.


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