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Monday, January 03, 2011

Show and tell Tuesday....

I have started a new blog for my 365 project, click on the picture on the side top to check it out....
I am taking part in Tuesday Show and Tail over at West Virginia Treasures, if you get a chance stop by and check out all the cute, funny or amazing pictures of animals..

Oh no he didn't...Yes he did, he is so bad, my Levi loves to eat more than any dog I've ever seen, this little garbage disposal will let nothing go to waste. Last week I had some cornbread left over and was going to crumble it up for the birds, they just love cornbread or crackers...well, when I walked outside with the cornbread, Levi turned into the dancing bear and knocked the bread out of my way was the birds going to get his food...
He's looking at me, like no you not getting my cornbread..I mean you can look at him and tell we just starve him too death...yea right..the Vet has already told us he needs to be on a diet..well that ain't 
 He's gonna eat it whole to keep me from taking it away from him, poor birds they just sit in the trees and watched...

 He even licked up the crumbs to keep the birds from getting anything.
He's such a big baby..but I still love him, even if he is our bad child that tries to eat everything in the house...


  1. He needs a sticker on his chest that says "Does not share well with others"!!! You can tell by his stance that he is not going to leave the tiniest crumb....!!! What a dog, eh???

  2. I love it! Looks like Levi and my dogs have something in common! My dogs will not let me feed the birds any food at all. They always eat it and won't let the birds have it.

    Great pictures! Levi sure is a lovable looking dog too!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  3. That is just so funny! Levi is adorable and his expressions are great!!!

  4. This morning at 4AM my dog Country wanted out. Stood on the porch waiting on her. Started calling, went into the yard and found her under hubbies truck with a chicken bone.

    He said they were in the back and something must have drug them out.....

    Our bad dogs!

  5. LOL - that is so funny! Poor thing, maybe if you fed him once in a while he wouldn't have to resort to eating bird food LOL I know exactly what you're talking about because my dog, Gizzy, is a meat and potato boy - he does not do bread ... unless I'm giving it to the ducks or birds (like you) and then he will eat it if he can. Fortunately my boy weighs only 10.5 lbs and I can just pick him up - aren't dogs funny?

    I became your newest follower today, so you'll be seeing me again. Happy New Year!

  6. Well, those birds probably like the exercise of scavenging anyhow ;-)

  7. Labs!! It's what they do. We had a yellow Lab, Jake, who ate most of the cushions on my patio furniture one day! He used to make me so mad (ala Marley and Me) but never was there ever a more loveable dog. I love your pictures of Levi being a Lab. Beautiful coat (must be all those snacks!) Ann

  8. He's not bad! He was just jealous that's all!...:)JP

  9. What a sweet faced boy! He's a true southern boy too, lovin' that cornbread!!

  10. He is so sweet - and he just loves food. So does our Disco - a couple pounds over weight too. They just love to eat.



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