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Molly's Country Memories

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Today, Scavenger Hunt Sunday is BACK and I'm really excited to share my interpretations this week.  As you all know I have been under the weather so I may use a photo from the past week or some are from this week..
The first is
a different view,
this is a shot from my other blog and the challenge was take a picture with camera up side down and this is what I got, a very different shot.

2. looking up
This shot was taken this morning outside my back door, the first sign of the sun and sadly the last for the day before the clouds came out and covered it

3. Abstract

This shot was taken outside my window and I couldn't help but add my own abstract view, weird but I liked it..can we say
4. Hair

  I loved the way the sun glimmered  on my Granddaughters hair...the sun was very bright that day.

5. half
My granddaughters loved the Statue of the Soldier and Baby Girl made the remark he would protect them, so I merged 1/2 the statue behind them.. I think it looks pretty cool.


  1. Great pictures Molly! I love seeing your morning sunrise as we have been fogged in all day!
    I also love your abstract bird - I love playing around with pictures too.
    I also think your granddaughters are beautiful and love the picture in the post and on your header. Neat how you put that statue in!

    Hope you are feeling good :-D

  2. How lovely, Molly, and the one with the girls and statue is absolutely wonderful.

    But Mr. Cardinal with his rooster comb and jagged water looks like one of those 70's movies when the hippies were playing music and smokin'.
    Those movies and the awful clothes---what were we THINKING??!!

  3. I loved your abstract picture! Taking a picture upside down was one of my ideas too.


  4. Amazing pictures Molly1 Hope you're well on the mend again now!

  5. Great shots. I love the abstract picture.

  6. Love the abstract and the half!! So fun!

  7. So creative! Love the abstract and different view :)

  8. Hi Molly, I think your choices this week are great! I simply love the Abstract!

  9. Great work - I love your half shot!

  10. Abstract is very cool - great pictures!

  11. great interpretation of a different view.

  12. Love your abstract. Very cool. Hope you are feeling better.


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