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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Memories, Dreams and Reflections

Today, I am joining in Memories, Dreams and Reflections over at Ramblings and Photos click on picture to join us or look at all of the memories from 2010

We were giving a list of 25 different prompts to use to find a picture and write something about with as many photos as I have this was extremely hard for me to do cause so many pictures could fit anyone of the prompts...I hope you enjoy and be sure and check out all of the folks who have joined in...
I. A picture of yourself and what you are most proud of accomplishing this year

This was taken Oct the 19th on my 67th Birthday...I am so proud of having lost 55 lbs in just 7 months. I still have some more to lose but I've never felt this good in along time.. 
2. I love you, picture of some one I love
Well, everyone who follows my blog or who knows me, knows there was no secret to who I would choose, my Family, they are my life and my world. My DH, My beautiful 3 sons and there families and my oldest Grandson, who is more like my 4th son than my 1st Grand and his lovely lady who will soon be my first granddaughter-in-law...
3. Still laughing..a moment you still laugh about..
This was taken in Jan. during our first snow of the year, my MooMoo and Redman can over to visit, they decided to build a snowman and every time Redman would nearly get it built MooMoo would start throwing snowballs at him and mess it up, this time she ran around the house and was going to start throwing more at him when the one she threw went wild and hit the limb above her head and knocked all the snow right down on can see it on her went all down the back of her coat and down her neck...she got so mad she went inside and sit down..we still LOL and tells her she had it coming.
4. Winter Wonderland...a picture that reflects Winter
This was taken in my back yard on the first Snow of Jan,...2010...a winter wonderland
5. Birthday Picture, share a Birthday picture (your own or someone you love)
This picture is of my sweet Baby Girl celebrating her 10th Birthday at Chuck'E' Cheese with her cousin MooMoo on the left and her best friend on the right..she of course is the little ham in the
6. Friends...a picture of you with a friend or can be your kids and their friends
This is a picture made in Nov with a dear childhood friend who now lives in Texas, she was home to visit her Mom and called me and want to meet and eat..we were the best of friends from 1st grade until we both married in the 60's and she moved back to her husband's home in Granberry, Texas, this is the first time in 45 yrs I've seen her, we reconnected on Face Book 2 yrs ago. Sadly she lost her hubby in Aug. You can see we didn't call her "Lil Bit" for nothing.
7. I was Inspired..could be a picture of your inspiration,(person or thing, or inspired by)
This one just had to be a collage, My sweet Grandchildren inspired me when they both, at different times of course asked to be Baptised, how wonderful..what a day of rejoicing this was for us.
8. Spring Fever...a picture that reflects Spring
And what reflects Spring more than the hatching of a new generation of beautiful Blue Birds...
9. Travel or Vacation...a picture taken on Vacation or on a recent travel experience...
This past June DH and I took a weeks trip to Kentucky to the Fort Harrod reenactment, then made a stop at the Quaker Village. But on the way up we made a side trip to Hurricane Mills, TN. to visit the home of Loretta Lynn...
10. Summer Days...a picture that reflects summer
How better to reflect on a summer day than in the swimming pool. My 2 beautiful
granddaughters trying to see who can do the best underwater handstand....
11. A day in my life..a picture of a typical day in my life 
a typical day in my life would be spent in my paint/craft/sewing room..
12. All Smiles...a picture that makes you smile or smiling faces
I love our Hannah's smile, it's so full of mischief..special when she receives a MS State Bulldog gift cause Keifer is an Ole Miss Fan and she loves to rub it in... 
13. Autumn Harvest..a picture reflecting Autumn/Fall
This is my favorite picture of Autumn the beautiful yellows reflecting in the River...
14. Family.. a picture of your family or a picture that represents family to you.
My Family, DH, and my 3 world
15. Celebrate! a picture that reflects a celebration
Celebrating MooMoo's 9th Birthday...
16. Let's do it again...a picture of something you'd like to do again..
let's go Saints we want to do it again...
17. I miss you...a picture of someone or something you really miss... 
 My beautiful, inside and out Niece, Kim or better know as Sweetie Pie...she left us 2 yrs ago at age 42, much too young and leaving 4 beautiful Daughters. We miss you everyday Sweetie
 18. Beautiful...a picture of someone or something you find beautiful 
I find the Blue Bird family that live in our bird houses beautiful
19. Dress Up..a picture of someone all dressed up, this can be Halloween or not... 
 Our little Rissa is a big fan of Abby off of NCIS so for Halloween we founded everything she need to dress like her, even an NCIS Abby name tag....
20..Marco share your favorite Macro image
an ole Maid...up close and personal
21. Holiday..a picture from the Holiday of your choice..
My beautiful Rissa
22. My Favorite..share a picture or memory from 2010
This is one of my most favorite pictures from 2010, DH and I went to Fort Harrod, Kentucky for the re-enactment and these beautiful children were taking part..aren't they just beautiful
23. don't ever change..something you love about yourself or someone that you never want to change..
my beautiful Sister who is so full of life and loves to travel and take day trips and go junking any time I call, I don't want her to ever change.
24. Just there, share a picture that you really want to share
 this is a collage of 8 children from the same family that  were re-enactors at Fort Harrod in June. They looked like they had walked out of the old Fort Harrod Cemetery..they were that true to the era. There was 1 more child, a baby of 6 mos. but I didn't get any pictures of him, because he was a sleep in the tent.
25. Hopes and Dreams, share what you hope for 2011
 my hope for the coming year is bright sunshine and lovely dreams full filled for all


  1. Great photos. What an awesome Spring fever photo.

  2. I love your winter photo... but the NCIS Abby costume was Fabulous!! We love Abby too! =)

  3. It looks like you had a great year and I really enjoyed this collection. I think my favorite has to be your favorite too. Great job!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! Yay!! And i love your blog abd the love for your family! My fav has to be "i was inspired" thats is so great to see kids baptised! I was re-baptised and dedicated this year myself! Hope you have a great 2011!!

  5. great photos. i really enjoyed all of them. looks like you had a wonderful year.

  6. Congrats to you Molly!

    Great photos and memories.


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