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Monday, January 24, 2011

I am blessed...

This year for Christmas my 3 sons decided it was time for their Mom and Dad to come into the 21st, I loved my old TV but they decided we needed a bigger one and a new surround sound and HD DVD  Direct TV reciever, so for Christmas they went together and bought us a Sony 46" flat screen and Sony Blue Ray sourround sound system, I must admit I love it and really enjoy watching DVDs. Our old surround sound system was ok, but the DVD player no longer worked.
This is what my wall and TV looked like before Sat when they all gathered at my house to up date us. Must admit it is kinda cluttered.

the after look, this spring we plan to have new flooring put down, I think the hardwood floors will look great. Also the border around the top of the room has to go and I hope to repaint the room a different color..DH thinks white or tan are the only colors on the color wheel...
They wanted me to get rid of the cabinet, but that ain't happening, DH built this for me 35 yrs ago and I just love it. The DVD surround sound is inside the top door.
The tv in the first picture was a Christmas present from Baby Boy last year and it was suppose to be put in the bedroom, but the one in the living room bite the dust so we used it in there. It will now be used as a computer screen for DH. 


  1. Oh Molly Sweetie...
    How wonderful of your sons to purchase such a wonderful gift of love. You all will SO enjoy this.

    I asked our sons for one, for our 35th wedding anniversary, and NOPE it didn't happen, but I am getting one for my birthday in April from DH and myself. It will take us that long to get everything all moved around for us.

    You are going to love it. And you get a new floor out of it as well. Yippeee. I can't wait to see the finished product.

    Many hugs to you sweet one. Love, Sherry

  2. That's a very nice gift.

    LOL...we are still working on the dining room. Almost fainted at the checkout yesterday at Home Depot.

  3. What a thoughtful gift your children gave you. That makes watching TV so much more enjoyable...I can't wait to move into the 21st Century when it comes to my TV too - but there always seem to be more important things to deal with...but, patience is a virtue (so they say!) and I'm glad you get to enjoy yours now ;-) Congratulations!

  4. What a great gift. Looks very nice.

  5. Just another moment in your wonderful family! And how sleek and modern the wall is now. A lovely gift that you will enjoy SO much---what a great present.

  6. You have the sweetest boys! It looks great! I love our tv on the wall like that. I wouldn't get rid of the cabinet either. It is beautiful and it also has a story behind it. When we first got ours it was like watching tv with glasses on the picture was so clear.

    Have a Great Day!


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