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Molly's Country Memories

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Friday, January 07, 2011

A day in the life of...A Granny and her flock...

This past Sunday, Middle Boy brought Baby Girl down from Richland to stay with me until Tuesday night, they had to go back to work and she didn't have to go to school until Weds. Since MooMoo didn't have to go back to school till Tues morning she came and spend the night and all day Monday with us. Even though I didn't feel the best, wasn't really sick at the time just felt yucky, I wasn't going to disappoint my girls so Monday morning we went junkin' they both love it so. When we left home I mainly wanted to go to Wilson's meat market in Crystal Springs for a meat supply for my deep freezer.
But being the "sweet kind loving" Granny that I stop in Wesson at a junk store...the girls hit the jackpot..can we say 14 Barbies for less than $10.00. Some with clothes, some without. Needless to say they were 2 happy campers. Their folks not so much, they informed me they had to stay at my house cause they both had toooo many Barbies already, so I now have a large box of Barbies in my bedroom waiting for 2 little girls to come play.
      while in Wesson, one lady was cleaning up her booth and came over and asked the girls if they would like a badminton set for free, she was going to throw it away was in a new container never opened so ok they jumped on it and spent hours that evening when we got home playing with it.
anyways I got off track, so we finished our junkin trip not finding anything else and headed to Wilson's. I just want to tell you if you hear anyone say there is a BIG pig on Highway 51 near Crystal Spring, MS they are right we got a picture to prove girls had to have their picture made in front of it...
 lol, it is huge, and the girls just loved it..of course it's been there for years but it was new to the girls and they had to check it out..can you tell Baby Girl doesn't like to have her picture made...
On our way back we stopped at the Court House in Hazelhurst and took some pictures, I wanted to get more of the court house itself, but when you have 2 little girls wanting to get home and play with their dolls you don't all ways get to do want you
I have always loved the looks of this CH, the matching Magnolia trees on each side, the tall columns across the front...the stately Confederate solder standing guard...and they even still have their Christmas wreaths up...

 Isn't he a handsome young man?...
Ok, that's it Baby Girl is through taking pictures and is running for the car..better go.
After playing Badminton and Barbies all evening Baby Girl honored us with a violin concert..on her knees no less......of course we were suppose to listen to her from the other room, she didn't want us watching makes her nerves..sigh..poor sweetie is so shy. She didn't see me sneak in and take a picture around the corner of the door..I'm so bad..Bwahahaha
We had a very enjoyable but tiring day, I sure missed MooMoo when she left that night and Baby Girl went home Tues evening late. I can't wait till we can spend some more time together and enjoy each other company again.


  1. Oh Molly I can't think of anything better to do then spend the day thrifting with the girls. Looks like fun ,and I hope you feel better. sandie

  2. I'm glad you felt well enough to get out into that glorious sunshine with your girls---they are little rays of light themselves.

    Take care of YOU for a bit, and get well!


  3. Molly,

    I can't think of a better way to spend a day than in the company of children. They are a blessing! Hope the time with them was a distraction from your
    not feeling well.

    Happy New Year!


  4. Wilson's is WONDERFUL. We go there frequently. know I've never paid any attention to that statue when I go get my tags.


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