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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blue Monday

Good morning, it's time again for Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally's, go by and check out all the other pretty blues by clicking here
This week end, I have been feeling a little blue, I know I'm being silly but I watched my boys grow up so fast or it seemed to me to be so fast and even though I miss the little boys they used to be, I am so proud of the Young men they have become..
But now it seems my Grands are growing up at an alarming speed, it seems like just yesterday they were little and now I can't believe how big they have Keiferman is a grown man working full time and going to school, planning a wedding in 2, were has the time gone, Connor is now 13, Rissa 1o going on 20 and MooMoo is 9 going on full grown.
I made some before and after shots and since they are wearing blues, and because it makes me so BLUE to see how fast they are growing
I decided to post them on Blue Monday...
When they were all around 2 yrs old...
These were all taken this Christmas..
Hope you all have a wonderful week...enjoy every minute of your time with your kids and grands...


  1. Molly, they really do grow up fast. I was thinking the same thing about my little goddaughter who is growing like a weed. It seems like just yesterday she was a little girl, and she has shot up over night. While she's still young, you turn around and pretty soon she will be off to college and then marriage! You want to put a bell jar over it and savor the time. I understand what you're saying. Your grands are so cute, and they all look very sweet, too.

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. You hit the nail on the head today. Where did the time go? I have a granddaughter who is 21... Now, how can that be when I'm only 35?

    Happy Blue Monday, Molly!

  3. I can relate, Molly. Sometimes I think I can actually see our granddaughter Avery Grace growing before my eyes. I tease her and tell her I'm going to put some books on her head to stop her growing.

  4. Time flies so fast that kids grow fast too. Great shots of them. Happy blue Monday.

  5. Gorgeous!

    Musical Snow Globe, is my entry. Have a great week ahead!

  6. Time really fly's as you get older. I hardly get up until it is time for bed. At my age, I try to make the best of each day. Love them and let each one know you care.

  7. I enjoy every moment I can get---and enjoy these moments with your own, as well.

    We're dancing in PINK today---we've had the snow-BLUES long enough!

    Stay warm, Y'all!


  8. Wait till you are a Great Grandma! It's then you realize how fast the time flys by. I still remember the day I borught my first born home from the hospital, like it was yesterday. He will be 53 in March. Great pictures!!

  9. Molly - you sure have that right and I thank you for reminding us! sandie

  10. I love your blues too. My grands are really growing especially when I only see them on Skype in the winter. I love the way you did the pages.

  11. They certainly grow up in a hurry. I'm watching my grandkids grow up too, and they grow up even more quickly than the kids!


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