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Saturday, May 01, 2010

need a little HELP...

I'm a desperate woman here....
I decided to change my blog to full page and do away with all the frill and fluff, BUT I can't figure out how to CENTER my header. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.
that is an understatement, I have worked on it till I'm ready to delete the whole thing and just forget it, the picture being on the side is starting to push me over the edge...just my OCD kicking in full


  1. Penniwig is your best bet in these matters!

  2. Here's what I do to make MY header photos the right size:

    I go back to the original of the photo on my computer. I crop it to the correct proportions of the desired header photo. Then, when I resize it, I don't make it as small as I would a regular photo - - - make sure I leave it a little larger than the size needed.

    Next, when I'm uploading it as the header photo - - - I click the space that says "shrink to fit."

    I imagine the problem in your header above is that the way your photo is cropped is similar to a regular photo - - - like a 5 X 7, but what you need is more like a 3 x 10. See what I mean? The photo in it's current state cannot be stretched to fit that header space or it would be all out of proportion.


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