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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Pink Saturday

It's time again for Pink Sat... with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound,
But our true MooMoo is the little Tomboy who is still sticking around..I took these pictures Thurs night at her first soft ball game. The pictures didn't take to good cause the chain link fence is to high to shot over and the camera won't focus through the fence to good..also I had been playing with the settings and forgot to reset them to sports/night..ugh..there's always next Thurs. There uniforms are pink and black, her shirt was so long it looked like she had on a mini shirt and her shorts didn't show...she's still wearing her helmet that I painted for her last says girls rule....
She is one of the tallest on the team and when I see her out there I see baby boy, she not only looks like him she is his mini me in ways and actions. He took his ball playing serious and so does she. They lost big time and she came over to her Mom for something to drink 1/2 way thought the game, and I swear if it had been no lights on, you could have seen the smoke and fire coming out of her was just a snorting...and so mad because the "babies on the team didn't know how to play ball" poor things, she and 2 other girls have been playing 3 yrs. where the rest of the team are all 6 yr old and never played before. I really don't like how they have the age set up in softball..6-12 play on the same team. Where in Baseball it is 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, it makes it more equal when they are closer to the same age maturity wise.
We tell her everyday, it doesn't matter if you win or lose it's how you play the game...and I hear echos of Baby Boy, when she says "if your not going to at least try to win then why play at all, gheez" ...
Hope you all have a great Pink Sat. We are getting more rain and I am getting time out of the yard to let my Poison Ivy heal, those shots do wonders.


  1. Oh, Molly, what a Girl!!

    All girlified in the dance costume, and then all sports in her black ball-togs. She's quite the athlete---my favorite picture is that watchful stance with her foot on the base, poised and ready to run, every muscle tense and on the alert.

    I miss those night games and the kids and their enjoyment of things.

    Oh, and about your Poison Ivy---we have a lot of it around the edges of the yard, and I seem to home in on some every year. We started keeping ZANFEL a few years ago---it's a little tube (WAY expensive, but worth it to me) of stuff you wash with, right on the spot of irritation.

    It has those teensy little beads in it, like some face-washes do, and you scrub it over the place, it gets down and into the site, and I've had next-day results almost every time.

    I hope yours is gone soon---Things to Do!!! Gardens to Plant!!! GrandKids to be with!!

  2. I love it when girls don't mind getting all dressed up but they love to play sports too - Well rounded I say! She is a beauty to boot and looks so grown up with the make-up on in her dance outfit. Funny how that works.

    I am off to a baseball game myself and it is Bbbbbrrrr cold here!!

    Happy Saturday!

  3. Only fer you, Molly, will I set through posts about are wonderful...I will admit that much!!!

  4. Isn't life wonderful - one minute she can be a Tomboy and the next a ballerina and still likes the Easter Bunny. She is a cutie.


  5. She sounds like the kinda girl I would get along with! My dad does the same thing at dance recitals with all the makeup I have to wear! Lol.

    Joy :]

  6. Oh, goodness, what a doll she is and she IS tall, just like my granddaughter. Maybe they will become models!! Enjoy every moment you can with her!


    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  7. That's a huge age difference on the team. I don't blame her for calling them babies because at that age that's what they must seem like.


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