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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A junkin' trip and fun with my Sis

First let me say, I've about had it with the Blogger, I am having fits trying to get pictures loaded, I have tried to make several post, but my pictures take almost all day to load and it has nothing to do with not enough space (still got plenty) or the pictures being to big, (have sized them down to the smallest size before trying to up load). I have tried both versions of the comment section and they both do the same thing. I keep getting time out error or else I have to stop the down load, click off the blog and then come back and click upload pictures and there my picture that wouldn't up load is waiting to transfer to post, but it will do only 1 at a time. Not a happy camper since I have so much to share with you. It has been a busy last week and I have gotten some great pictures and exciting stories to not so exciting...,
OK, lets give this one more try.Tues my Sister and I decided to got to the Porches Bed and Breakfast Restaurant for lunch, they have a beautiful 3 sided inside porch where you can eat and look down into the court yard. The last time we went was in Feb and the court yard looked terrible, very run down and just in need of redo...we laughing told each other that we'd be willing to redo it for free if they would let us, anything would look better than this. Well we heard they had done a lot of work on the patio and we want to eat there and check it out. Much to our dismay when we arrived they were having to turn folks away because they had received special reservations from 2 very large groups and had no room for anyone we sadly said ok and headed to a small Mexican Restaurant in Wesson to eat, which has very good food also. But before we left Porches I got permission to take some pictures of the out side, and maybe next time I'll get pictures of the inside...
The front yard was just filled with several types of Hydrangea, and I didn't know there was more than one can see someone was waiting for their group sitting on that cool and welcoming front porch...
Sis went up to talk to the owner, sure wish we could have gotten in...the owner is such a sweet lady always hospitable and friendly
I'm not sure what the real name of this hydrangea, but Ms Cylia called it flat Hydrangeas

This is called a Cone Hydrangea or Oak leaf...
I really enjoyed walking around in the front yard, hopefully next time I will get pictures of the inside and the side yard where the Weddings and other receptions are held.
Tomorrow I will post about our trip to the junkin store.
Hey, got it posted and it only took 3


  1. Blogger has been giving me fits too.

    I still say we need to check Porches out, its not that far from us.

  2. Molly, sometimes I store my photos on photobucket and just call it up on Blogger via the URL field in the Upload link. It pulls it from Photobucket and doesn't act all crazy. But it is an extra step.

    I just love the 'snowballs.' We called that one "flat" kind a "mopcap" hydrangea or snowball.

  3. What fantastic porches, fences, and hydrangeas!
    So luscious!

  4. I'm sorry you are having problems with your pictures - don't give up. Looks like a great place to eat. I love the porch. Did you buy anything with your sister? sandie

  5. That does look like a charming place to eat. All the hydrangeas are pretty.

  6. sooo pretty...the hydrangeas are gorgeous

  7. I'm glad you were persistent with your pictures, Molly. I enjoyed your tour of the grounds of Porches -- it's such a charming little place. It's a shame you couldn't get in for lunch. I know that was very disappointing.


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