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Monday, May 10, 2010

It's time for Blue Monday over at Sally's house. .Please visit Smiling Sally by clicking here.....
Good Monday morning everyone, I hope your week-end and Mother's Day was filled with blue skies and happy memories of your families.
I told y'all Sat that when I and MooMoo went to Richland to watch Rissa in her Gym meet that we went to a special new place called El Potrillo, that has just opened up on Lakeland Drive in Flowood for super. I really enjoyed our time spent there even with the 30 minute wait to get a table..if we'd been any later getting there it would have been longer..while we were waiting we were entertained by something quite unusual for our I couldn't help but grab my camera and first I had to snap the expressions on the faces of my 2 little girls...

 "ok, MooMoo, what is it?"
 This is what they were looking at... a group of Aztec Dancers warming up for the floor show....
 I just love all the beautiful shades of blue in these costumes
 one was even blowing a conch shell, but I never could get a good picture of it...

 ok, they are headed inside it was fun watching them, but after awhile the bells and drums got on my last nerve. You couldn't hear or even
 This one little girl pulled her chair up in the front so she could really get a good view...
 This ceiling painting was in the entrance way as you entered the front door....
 And inside the whole ceiling was painted so beautifully.. in shades of sky blue...
 The food was equally beautiful and so hummy., but I forgot to take busy watching our dancers. Keifer met us there when he got off from work and we all had a great time.
Here's wishing you all a very happy Blue Monday and wishes for a good up coming week.


  1. What a great Mother's Day time you had, Molly! I love the blues. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. El Potrillo's looks interesting. I love the expressions on your precious granddaughters' faces ... so sweet!

  3. Wow! I bet that was exciting!! I hope ya'll had a wonderful supper. The restaurant looks good and it is always a good sign when you have to wait for a table. : )
    The Tattered Tassel

  4. LOL.....Those guys are showing more leg than I do......

  5. fun and memorable experience indeed :) happy belated mother's day to you!

    u may view mine here

  6. COOL outfits! The drums and bells would get to me after a short time, too. We have a 3 Fires Tribal Council in Grand Rapids every year down by the Grand River, and I've watched the dancers, but the costumes aren't nearly as nice as the regalia shown in your photos.

  7. That looked wonderful and exciting - the colors fabulous. You had a great time watching. We have a restaurant that looks exactly the same called Los Reyes. Same roof and everything.


  8. I'm your newest follower! I love those costumes as well as the expression on their faces. Priceless! Happy Blue Monday! Thanks for sharing.


  9. What a fun Mother's Day and an interesting restaurant! Would love to hear about your meal. ...Karen

  10. Hello Molly,,,I was just looking over some blogs to get an idea of just what to do on my next blue monday post. Your blog is terrific and you have sooooo many comments and followers. How do you do it??
    My blog must be , well I don't know what cuz I just don't get many comments on my blue monday post. I have only been invloved in it for 4 times now maybe 5.. I'll take any advice you can send me..As everyone else says,,I love comments and am really trying to get them and perhaps some special friends through this..THANKs for reading and hope I have not been too forward...
    Hugs from Iowa~~~Dena


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